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Bernard Pollard is a menacing, physical presence on any defense. He’s a hard hitter and excels in the box. He has the ability to force turnovers and intimidate opponents.

Like he was on the Chiefs and the Texans, Pollard was a solid contributor for the Ravens – and then he wore out his welcome.

Perhaps he has a habit of doing that.

On the down side, Pollard can’t cover a corpse with a blanket and his head hunting tendencies are being flagged more and more frequently. He’s in denial and we aren’t talking the river. He won’t adapt to the changing game. Maybe he can’t adapt.

When a team adds Bernard Pollard to their roster, they know what they are signing up for. What you see is what you get.

And then some.

Bernard Pollard was on 105.7 The Fan’s Norris and Davis Show recently and he discussed his abrupt departure from the Ravens. While he seemingly understands the business side of the game, there’s an obvious grudge he holds against the defending Super Bowl Champions. And the primary object of his disdain is John Harbaugh.

Pollard served a need for the Ravens and he served it well. But the needs have changed and the goal this offseason was to get faster and younger. Pollard isn’t that old (28) by NFL standards but he plays slow in the secondary and is a liability in coverage – something that was seriously exposed in Super Bowl XLVII. So much so that team insiders believe Pollard almost single-handedly lost the big game for the Ravens.

Most of Pollard’s teammates would vouch for him. They would say he’s a good player and all-around good guy. But let’s face it, he’s selfish and he has maturity issues. If you need proof, just look at the redundancy of his penalties and now his refusal to be part of the team’s ring ceremony on June 7.

One day, years and probably a couple more teams from now, Pollard will regret his decision not to join his former teammates at the ring ceremony. He will fall from grace with fans. He probably already has.

And then he’ll only have himself to blame.

Or maybe his convenient scapegoat, John Harbaugh.

That’s how prideful fools roll.

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