Flacco 19th on Top 100: I demand a recount!

Street Talk Flacco 19th on Top 100: I demand a recount!

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The NFL Top 100 list is a breakdown from the previous season of the top players as voted on by the players themselves. This is a countdown that has no actual value to anyone involved, but it’s a great conversational piece.

It also, once again, proves that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco gets no respect as the reigning Super Bowl MVP was voted as the 19th best player in 2012.

I demand a recount!

Flacco has served as a punching bag by national television personalities like ESPN’s Skip Bayless, and even publicly doubted by fellow players such as Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who said that Flacco wouldn’t win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

Finishing in the Top 20 list of players should be an honor, but Flacco was short-changed given the accomplishments he’s had throughout his first five seasons in the NFL. Even though previous achievements shouldn’t be accounted for, was Ed Reed really the 18th-best player in the NFL last year? Was Terrell Suggs really the 56th-best?

Even though those two guys are in my jersey collection, absolutely not.

The most insulting thing for Flacco is the overhyped quarterbacks that finished in front of him. Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons finished 17th, Redskins’ rookie Robert Griffin III was 15th and Drew Brees of the Saints finished 11th.

Brees is a better overall quarterback than Flacco, but he led the Saints to a 7-9 record. RGIII is exciting to watch, but clearly his marketability helped him propel so far up the list. And, most annoying about this is that once again Ryan received more respect than his 2008 draft classmate.

I will take into account that this list absolutely must have been compiled before the playoffs because that’s the only thing that can logically make sense for putting Ryan ahead of Flacco. Ryan was on fire for most of the season last year and FINALLY won a playoff game.

Flacco has a Super Bowl appearance to his credit; Ryan watched it from home.

Flacco threw 11 TD’s and 0 INT during his playoff run; Ryan had six TD’s and three interceptions.

Flacco has a Super Bowl ring; Ryan can only dream about it.

Flacco can drive around in his new Corvette for being named Super Bowl MVP; Ryan can drive around in a corvette – he can buy one – but he can’t have the title of MVP.

Ryan is absolutely not a bad quarterback whatsoever, he’s just not as good of a quarterback as Flacco. Within the next few months, Ryan will likely sign his name to a contract greater than the six-year, $120 million deal that Flacco received shortly feeling the confetti inside the Superdome hit his face.

It’s likely that Ryan will be overpaid, but at least he deserves it, unlike the contract Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is going to regret giving quarterback Tony Romo.

So, football fans, just consider this Top 100 countdown list to have as much weight as a Pro Bowl ballot or the voting for a Madden video game cover. Still, if Peyton Hillis finishes ahead of Ray Rice on the Top 100, prepare for more complaining.

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