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Yesterday I posted an article entitled, It’s Time For The Ravens to Toss Doss. The piece was very critical of the Ravens struggling wide receiver.

And apparently it struck a nerve with Torrey Smith who took to calling me out to his 220,000+ Twitter followers.

Now I have debated whether or not to just let this go and pretend it didn’t happen or allow it to in some small way shape how I write going forward. But that would be wrong on many levels. So instead I’ll address this Twitter war of sorts here.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I respect, even admire Torrey’s defense of his teammate and friend Tandon Doss. And despite being the target of his social media wrath my admiration for the man has climbed a notch or two.



I’ve written about Torrey as a player. I’ve written about Torrey as a man. If you think of Torrey as a talented player (and he is vastly talented), those talents are dwarfed by the incredible human qualities that he possesses – qualities that once inspired his college coach Ralph Friedgen to describe Torrey as “the perfect person.”

So it’s no surprise that Torrey aspires to be a leader and took it upon himself to be just that when he went to Twitter to defend Doss.

As a player there isn’t much defense for Doss and Torrey, given his attachment to the underachieving wide receiver, can’t be publicly objective about his teammate’s performance or his career.

And without that objectivity, Torrey accused me of making it personal.

I have nothing personally against Tandon Doss. I don’t even know the man personally. My criticisms are based on the way he’s played, the things he’s said and the things others have said about him. And when I add it up, he could potentially be taking the roster spot of another player who might not enjoy Doss’ apparently lofty perch as a former 4th-round pick who captured the eye of Joe Flacco.

I stand by that. I can’t be concerned that Doss is down on himself now. As harsh as it might sound, he put himself there and let’s face it, criticism comes with the territory when you sign up for an NFL job.

MY JOB is to utilize the resources and access available to us to deliver content with a fan-centric edginess that mainstream media shies away from. That’s who we are.

Mainstream media really doesn’t care if Doss is successful. I do!

Mainstream media isn’t a fan of the team. The writers come from all over the country and are quite proud to tell you that they aren’t fans because it taints their objectivity.


We’re just fans!

Mainstream media too often has to adhere to the rules of checkbook journalism.

We just call it like we see it.

Look I would love for Tandon Doss to take advantage of the opportunity afforded him and make us all forget that the Ravens traded away Anquan Boldin for a 6th-round pick. But he hasn’t and he won’t.

Next man up!

And I hope that the next man, whoever he is, can become the receiver that Torrey Smith is and half the man.

If so I’ll be happy.

But if he slips up I’m sure we’ll have a little something for him too, just like we did Doss.

That’s what we do.

It isn’t personal.

Have a great season Torrey!


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