The Legacy of the “Sun King”

Street Talk The Legacy of the “Sun King”

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Orlando TV station apologizes for showing Jaguars


When forced to broadcast the Oakland Raiders – Jacksonville Jaguars game rather than the “Manning” Bowl match between the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants, an Orlando TV station apologized to its viewers on Sunday.

The sorry Jacksonville Jaguars have sunk very low indeed.

The NFL continues to carry the burdens of Paul Tagliabue’s terrible tenure as NFL commissioner. Instead of having a historic franchise in Cleveland, strong organizations in Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Charlotte, a solid expansion club in football mad Baltimore, and a respected organization in our nation’s capital, Paul Tagliabue weakened six NFL franchises during his ill-fated reign as NFL Commissioner.

Events this week served to again remind NFL fans of Tagliabue’s horrible decisions in 1994 regarding NFL expansion. The consequences of Tagliabue’s attempts to favor Jack Kent Cooke’s desire to keep football out of Baltimore are still reverberating among fans and owners alike today. A few of the ramifications that arose from a commissioner who was never able to rise above his K Street training:

1.) Cleveland – A fanatically loyal fan base is crushed by the loss of its beloved franchise a few years before the organization finally wins a Super Bowl in Baltimore. Cleveland’s replacement “expansion” franchise continues to struggle a dozen years later.

2.) Jacksonville – Paul Tagliabue’s expansion winner over an obviously more lucrative Baltimore bid has cost the NFL millions in the years since this sorry franchise came into existence. Jacksonville is a good city with good citizens but it is first and always a college town. Further, its existence weakens franchises in Tampa Bay, Charlotte and even Atlanta.

3.) Tampa Bay – This franchise, currently being drained of profits by Jacksonville, might have prospered, or at least broke even, if Paul Tagliabue had never been commissioner of the NFL.

4.) Charlotte – Another weak “Sun King” project that has cost NFL owners millions.

5.) Washington – The NFL might not have to deal with the rising tidal wave of racial ugliness emanating from the current owner’s refusal to change the team’s mascot. Who knows what may have happened, and who may now own the Washington franchise, if the “Sun King” had not blown NFL expansion so badly way back when…

6.) Baltimore – That the Ravens have emerged as one of the strongest, most respected franchises in the NFL, an organization with two Super Bowl championships in its first dozen years, is proof beyond doubt of Paul Tagliabue’s buffoonery! His arrogant command to the citizens of Maryland to “build a museum” with their expansion funds will ring forever in the minds of every Ravens fan who looks at the banners surrounding M&T Stadium over the next 100 years!


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