Coaches, QB not to Blame for Ravens Woes

Street Talk Coaches, QB not to Blame for Ravens Woes

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I will never understand the “fan” standpoint that the guy on the bench (or out of a job) is better than what the team has now. Fans in Houston are calling for an undrafted quarterback to start over their Pro Bowl QB. [Some] Fans in Baltimore want to bench their Super Bowl MVP and fire the winning-est coach in the NFL over the last 5 years.

Do you really think that an inexperience Tyrod Taylor is going to help this team?

Let me clue you in… NO!

The issues this team is having are NOT with Joe Flacco.

Do you really think that firing John Harbaugh and replacing him with another NFL retread is going to help? Let me help you again… NO!

Over the last 5 years, no other team has won a playoff game every season. Harbaugh has kept this team together through coordinator changes, a “mutiny”, through injuries, and more. He has lead this team properly and better than anyone could have predicted when he took the job, as a relative unknown Special Teams Coordinator.

The problem with the Baltimore Ravens is execution. Yes, there have been issues with the play calling, but that’s not the real issue. The touchdown scoring drive in the 4th quarter was the best one of the season. It went 12 plays and nearly 5 minutes. It was a great mix of runs and passes, short and long.

That was execution.

Had they gone 3-and-out, that would have been the players issue, not the coaches. It’s easy to rip the coaching staff, especially the Head Coach. But if the players do their job, then we aren’t talking about the coaching, and right now, this team is not playing well at all.

The offensive line is not giving Flacco any time to make a pass. The receivers can’t get consistently open. The line is not opening up any holes for the running backs, and (until yesterday) the backs were not hitting the holes hard.

I don’t even have an issue with calling four running plays inside the 5 last week against the Packers. If you can’t pick up a couple of yards in 4 plays, then you don’t deserve to win.

Once again, it’s not about the coaching, it’s about the execution. If the O-line does their job in blocking and creating holes, and the backs do their job hitting the holes with authority, then the Ravens score and win that game.

I don’t have an issue with the on-sides kick against the Steelers. Why is a player lining up offside? That’s execution, not coaching. Plus, coming out of halftime, the Ravens had to call timeout, and then they got a delay of game penalty… that’s on the players.

Yes, there are definitely things that Harbaugh needs to be questioned about, but no more than Flacco, Rice, the O-Line, the Corners, the D-Line, and the special teams.

The Ravens are not a very good team right now.

The players want to take time off during the Bye Week, and the Coach wants them to practice. The only way you get better is to hit each other, and this team needs to get better – particularly if they want a ticket to the postseason dance for the 6th straight year.

To get there, the Ravens will need to go 7-2 over their last 9 games.

And THAT will NOT be easy!

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