OL Improves vs. Pittsburgh, but Gino’s Struggles Continue

Filmstudy OL Improves vs. Pittsburgh, but Gino’s Struggles Continue

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I wanted to provide a brief evaluation of the linemen only this week.

The scoring is based on 61 offensive snaps for the Ravens, all of which were competitive.

Monroe:  Eugene had his first excellent game as a Raven.  He did not make a single error resulting in a negative score and missed just 4 blocks.   He pulled successfully once, administered 2 pancakes, and made 2 blocks in level 2.  Scoring:  57 blocks, 4 missed, 57 points (.93 per play).  A.  The last LT to play as well for the Ravens was Bryant McKinnie, who scored .94 (1 more block in 1 more play) against the Texans in the divisional game in Baltimore following the 2011 season (28 games ago).

Osemele:  Osemele’s need for back surgery after the season is devastating to both his career and his value to the Ravens.  It does, however, provide a reason as to why he has not played well.  That said, he had his best game of the year on Sunday.  Keisel and Williams each bulled him once for a shared pressure.  Heyward brushed by him and then bulled Gradkowski for a 3rd shared pressure (Q4, 13:56).  He got good push when run blocking, made 5 blocks in L2, and had 2 pancakes.  Scoring:  54 blocks, 4 missed, 1.5 pressures, 51 points (.84 per play).  His quality run blocking is offset by 2 pressures where he would have been fully charged had someone not been present to share the event.  B.

Gradkowski:  I’d encourage anyone who is observing the debate over Gradkowski to simply watch for a game on NFL rewind or from your own DVR.  To maximize transparency, here are all of his negative scoring plays from this game for your review:


  • (Q1, 12:25)  He was bulled straight back by McClendon for a pressure.
  • (Q1, 11:47)  He was beaten by a stunt, then a spin move by Worilds which disrupted Flacco and gave Woodley time to deliver a slow-developing QH shared with Oher.
  • (Q1, 0:50)  On 3rd and 1, McClendon penetrated past Gino’s right arm to take down Rice for a loss of 1.
  • (Q2, 6:23)  He was bulled into Flacco by McLendon for a pressure.
  • (Q3, 11:55)  He and Yanda were jointly bulled by Heyward for a pressure.
  • (Q3, 11:49)  The Ravens zone blocked to the right and Polomalu flew by his face to take down Rice for a loss of 2.
  • (Q4, 13:56)  He was bulled by Heyward (who Osemele initially missed) for a shared pressure.
  • (Q4, 7:37)  He was bulled by Ziggy Hood to flush Flacco left on a play he completed to Jones for a gain of 8.

Scoring:  49 blocks, 4 missed, 2 penetrations, 4 pressures (3 + 2 x ½), 1/2 QH, 35.5 points (.58 per play).  That’s another F and .19 per play short of a D- at center.

Yanda:  Marshal finally had a game worthy of his Pro Bowl status after 4 consecutive poor games.  In addition to a fine game against Heyward, he pulled twice successfully and had 4 blocks in L2.  Scoring:  58 blocks, 2 missed, ½ penetration, 57 points (.93 per play).  A.

Oher:  Michael regressed after a top-shelf performance versus Green Bay.  He didn’t get great push in the run game, but I scored him for just 1 pressure when he was bulled then beaten inside by Neal (Q4, 14:22).  He did a good job of getting back to keep Jones out of the end zone on the strip sack (Q2, 0:12).  Scoring:  50 blocks, 6 missed, 3.5 pressures, ½ QH, 1 holding, 35.5 points (.58 per play).  He faced LaMarr Woodley, who was the Steelers best active pass rusher, so his play is adjusted up from a high F to a D.

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