Baltimore, a City That Should no Longer REED

Lombardi's Way Baltimore, a City That Should no Longer REED

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Sentimental fools want to bring Ed Reed back into the nest and placed on the team’s 53-man roster.


Some will say he’s a great leader. Others will say that he’s like a coach on the field and that he would help set the defense pre-snap. Some have said that as a nickel back Reed would certainly strike more fear into the hearts of opposing quarterbacks than say Corey Graham or Chykie Brown.

None of those are compelling enough reasons to bring Ed back!

Let’s first consider whose place Reed would take on the field.

Ihedigbo? I don’t think so. “Dig” provides that physical presence at safety that teams desire. Could Reed provide that physicality? C’mon man…Ed is to tackling as Miley Cyrus is to wholesomeness.

Could he replace Matt Elam? Possibly but why derail the development of a first-round pick and replace him with a guy who loves to freelance. Didn’t the Ravens’ secondary just produce their best game of the season BY FAR against the division-leading Bengals? Don’t you want to see them build upon that?

And don’t think for a second that defensive coordinator Dean Pees isn’t shaking in his shoes over the nightmarish possibilities of Reed’s return. He now has the integrity of his defense in tact. Players are beginning to trust in each other and know where the others will be when post-snap surprises occur.

That rapport and chemistry breaks down with the insertion of Reed. He’ll cheat and WAG (Wild-Ass Guess) more than ever because he’s lost a few steps. The interception that once was is now 6 points the other way.

Do you think the Texans would take the embarrassing financial hit and corresponding salary cap hit if they thought Reed could play even a little anymore?

And no he can’t play nickel better than Corey Graham. Reed isn’t wired that way. The next time you see him effectively covering a shifty slot receiver will be the first. He was once a ball hawk and now he’s anything but a spring chicken.

It’s time to move on and let the young guys play.

If the Ravens want to bring back an old great, maybe they should coax Jonathan Ogden or Jamal Lewis out of retirement. (I’m only half kidding!)

Just let Ed go and bring him back next season during a game against the Steelers.

Then the team can properly honor him by placing No. 20 into the Ring of Honor at halftime.

That should be the next time Ed steps on to the field at M&T Bank Stadium as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

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