IN SEARCH OF: Integrity in Broadcasting and Officiating

Lombardi's Way IN SEARCH OF: Integrity in Broadcasting and Officiating

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Some believe the Mike Tomlin incident on Thanksgiving Night has been beaten to death. To a certain degree they are right BUT…

Let’s not forget about the integrity of the game. This incident needs to be addressed by the league offices today and Tomlin should at the very least be hit with a 6-figure fine.

I found it interesting how the NBC broadcast team of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth so easily dismissed Tomlin’s actions as “gamesmanship” yet they crucified Jeff Triplette’s crew for moving the chains forward despite the Redskins NOT converting on a second down play during the waning moments of last night’s clash between Mike Shanahan’s downward spiraling bunch and the New York Giants.

To write off Tomlin’s gross violation of league rules as simply an act of a competitor when it arguably prevented a Ravens touchdown is either bad journalism or blatant bias. Did Michaels and Collinsworth demand a flag for Tomlin’s gross violation of the “No Fly Zone”?

ESPN’s crew and much of NFL Network’s collection of blabber mouths all support Tomlin and cast the incident aside as a mistake and as unintentional.

I call BS!

Why should we expect objectivity from a network that promotes THIS?

Clearly Tomlin’s act was intentional. Why would he watch the JumboTron away from the action when there is an identical JumboTron in the end zone towards which the ball was kicked? Wouldn’t that provide the best of both worlds to a coach who claims that he was simply trying to get the best vantage point?

It’s pretty obvious that Tomlin looks over his shoulder waiting for Jacoby Jones and when he arrives Tomlin steps towards him? Here’s your evidence >>> Click!

Since when does someone step towards the thing that startles him?

Tomlin should be fined heavily and forced to coach from the booth for the rest of the season. And he should take the medicine and be happy the Ravens won because had they lost, it REALLY would have hit the fan!

But back to the whining by Michaels and Collinsworth…

Look the officials got it wrong and that needs to be dealt with. But haven’t we seen similar mistakes by other officiating crews? Not that two wrongs make a right but why was this one so egregious in the eyes of Michaels and Collinsworth?

Conveniently this broadcasting duo overlooked (or neglected) the fact that the Redskins would have converted on fourth down, still with a chance to win, if Pierre Garcon and his butterfingers didn’t allow Giants safety Will Hill to strip the ball and the game from the Redskins.

Curiously Collinsworth went on about how the Redskins should stick with Shanahan and his plan because they have a great chance to win next season.


There’s not much evidence to support such a statement there Cris. Your boy is 24-36 as the Redskins head coach.

Maybe Michaels and Collinsworth just don’t want to get booted off Shanahan’s Christmas Card list. You know, a bit like CBS’ Jim Nantz who invited Tom Brady and Patriots owner Bob Kraft to his wedding.

Is it too much to ask for integrity in broadcasting and officiating?

Mike Tomlin Interfered on Purpose

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