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Game recap: In one of the wildest games in Ravens history, Marlon Brown caught a nine-yard pass from Joe Flacco with four seconds to play, and the Ravens may have saved their season.

There were five touchdowns in the final two minutes and one second, with the lead seesawing back and forth. But the final statement was made Brown, who found a seam in the back of the end zone, and managed to just barely get keep his feet inbounds. Somehow on that final drive, the Ravens drove 80 yards in five plays, 41 seconds. As a result, the Ravens (7-6) won their third straight and finally climbed over. 500.

The final three minutes looked like a video game. Dennis Pitta scored on a one-yard TD catch. Ravens take the lead.

Toby Gerhard scored on a 41-yard run. Vikings take the lead.

Jacoby Jones scored on a 77-yard kickoff return. Ravens regain the lead.

Patterson scores on 71-yard catch and run. Vikings regain the lead.

Then Brown answered with the game-winner. What a game.

Turning point: It had to be Brown’s TD. The Ravens appeared all but finished after Patterson scored with 45 seconds to play. But the Ravens went downfield quickly, addd by a pass interference call against the Vikings. Flacco did not have his best game, throwing three interceptions. But on the final drive he was clutch. When Brown found an opening at the back of the end zone, Flacco delivered a beautiful throw.

This would have been a terrible loss for the Ravens, especially since the Vikigns (3-9-1) had not won on the road all season. But there seems to be some magic in the air for the Ravens.

Ravens players of the game: Can’t pick just one. Dennis Pitta, Jacoby Jones, Flacco, and Brown all deserve a game ball.

Injuries: Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson left the game in the second quarter with an ankle injury. There was no immediate word on the severity of his injury, but he was carted off the field and was taken for an MRI.

From the Locker Room

Joe Flacco – “I don’t know if there has ever been a crazier minute-and-forty some seconds ever. I think this is probably crazier (than last season’s playoff game at Denver). That one was probably a little more exciting, just because of what was on the line. But when you look at this, similar things were on the line.”

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