ONE FAN’S OPINION: These Guys Know What They’re Doing

Street Talk ONE FAN’S OPINION: These Guys Know What They’re Doing

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The Ravens made a conscious decision following last year’s Super Bowl win not to repeat the mistakes they made following their 2001 Super Bowl win, to wit: not standing “pat” in an attempt to win back-to-back championships in favor of re-building for future winning consistency.

That has been reported in the media and was evident this year when ALL their concentration was devoted to replacing a plethora of defensive players in lieu of an offense, where they had lost just two by virtue of Matt Birk’s retirement and Anquan Boldin’s trade.

They believed they had enough returning on offense to compete. What they obviously could not have known or predicted was Dennis Pitta’s and Kelechi Osemele’s season ending (virtually) injuries, the trading of Bryant McKinnie, Gino Gradkowski’s failure to develop quickly enough, and injuries to Jacoby Jones and both running backs early on.

Those issues, coupled with disdain for Juan Castillo and his interference with their blocking “calls”, schemes, etc. produced a woefully inept offense from both a talent and coaching perspective. Agree or not, that they were able to win 8 games and stay in the hunt until the last day is testament to their “franchise QB” and his fortitude under all those circumstances!

Much is made of the salary cap constraints and how Flacco’s contract, along with some others will impact them going forward. To suggest that management isn’t aware of that and how to effectively deal with it is sophomoric at best and naïve at worst! They absolutely know what they are doing and no doubt have a plan for accomplishing it!

Today’s press conference provided more insight and clues.

We fans fret and moan about things we really don’t know about. We’ve done it in the past and will no doubt continue to do so in the future because it’s human nature and provides for great debate.

However, it’s silly to suggest that a franchise that has been in existence a mere 17 years and is obviously committed to winning as evidenced by their record, including 2 Super Bowl championships in that time frame, doesn’t know what they’re doing!


So, stay tuned!

Just one fan’s opinion…


Submitted by guest blogger Jerry Brotman

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