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Street Talk MEDIA WATCH DOG: World’s Worst Person in Sports

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His commentary and opinion have always been well-researched and informative, but it’s Keith Olbermann’s presentation that has always turned me away from his shows.

No matter the network or topic, Olbermann has always conveyed to me that talking down to his viewers and belittling those that disagree with his viewpoints is just as important as the quality of his product. When you watch Olbermann you know right away that you’re seeing an Ivy League educated broadcaster — he makes sure you do through his high-level vocabulary and constant condescending tone.

Olbermann has burned more bridges in his career than most in his industry will ever even cross. Somehow, he always manages to find his way back to our television screens spewing his views on a variety of controversial topics. His feud with ESPN in the late 90s is well documented in the tell all book, “Those Guys Have All the Fun”. I highly recommend reading that if you want an inside look at the ‘world-wide leader.’

Excerpt: Have Keith Theodore Olbermann spend a few seasons working at your television network and see how you feel. Sort of like Kansas after a twister. If Olbermann hadn’t been so brilliant and talented, few would have put up with him. But Olbermann has a talent that can’t be taught. He can relate to people on the other side of the camera and, indeed, relate to the camera itself in a way that comes across as second nature. And yet he once told an interviewer that on some level, he’s always making fun of television: “Like, ‘Look how ridiculous this is, me sitting here and you sitting on the other end, watching me—what are you doing that for?’ I think that’s always been my attitude.”

On Wednesday, Olbermann’s smarminess reached a new low when he duked it out on Twitter with a 13-year-old girl. Here’s what happened.

Vancouver Canucks wing Tom Sestito played just one second before trying to fight an unwilling Jordan Nolan of the Los Angeles Kings. For his actions, Sestito received 27 penalty minutes, which kept him off the ice for the remainder of the game. Naturally, Olbermann highlighted Sestito in his “World’s Worst Person In Sports” segment.

“Sestito earned two minutes for instigating, five minutes for fighting, ten minutes for misconduct and ten more minutes for essentially being a six foot, five inch, 228 pound boxing hobo on skates,” Olbermann scoffed. “I know, I know, it’s his job. Like the way the guy that roughs up tardy, illegal loan recipients has a ‘job’”.

Sestito laughed off the negative national attention and took to Twitter to thank Olbermann for the recognition:


However, his 13-year-old sister, Victoria, came to his defense:


There’s something ironic about a broadcaster who has a segment highlighting the “World’s Worst Person In Sports” who then belittles a teenage girl about his hefty salary and her use of grammar. Also, kudos to Victoria for that zinger about Olbermann’s next firing. That was a good dig from the kid.

I wish I could say that Olbermann’s comments are surprising, but they follow the long trend of his career on television. His gigantic ego has made him obsessed with jamming his opinions down other people’s throats.

The funny thing is, I usually agree with most of what he says — even on Sestito.

But it’s his presentation that makes me change the channel when he comes on my TV.

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