DRAFT PROSPECTS: Wide Receivers Round 3

NFL Draft DRAFT PROSPECTS: Wide Receivers Round 3

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As a part of our coverage here at Russell Street Report, we’ll be featuring the best prospects all across the board in any situation the Ravens might come across. Whether it’s a receiver in the first round, a quarterback in the sixth, or a guard in the third, we’ll cover the Ravens best options in any scenario. Barring any trades, the team will pick in the middle of each round—so we’ll see who is available when the Ravens are projected to select their upcoming stars. This will make it easy for you the fan to look at what the Ravens are seeing in future NFL prospects.

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Although I doubt the Ravens wait this long to grab a wide receiver, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, given the great depth of this class. Gary Kubiak will look for playmakers in the middle rounds and due to the fact that there are over 50 receivers that might be taken in the 2014 NFL Draft, there’s no doubt that the Ravens might take more than one.

Paul Richardson, Colorado

Richardson, a 6’1” wideout, has the potential to fall to the Ravens in the third. Although he doesn’t have a huge frame, he has a big catch radius and potential to make big plays.

Richardson is a freaky athlete that turned some heads with many highlight-reel plays. If Richardson could reel in more of the 50-50 balls, he would be ranked higher on scouting sheets. He doesn’t catch everything that comes his way, but work with NFL receivers and coaches could very well improve him beyond his current third-round grade status.

Health has been a big issue for Richardson, something that could be a red flag for Ozzie Newsome. There’s no doubt that he can be an NFL receiver, but Richardson comes with his fair share of question marks. Expect his individual workouts to play a big role in deciding his ultimate draft stock.

Robert Herron, Wyoming


If there’s one word to describe Herron, speed would definitely be it. Flashing his wheels at the Senior Bowl, Herron was able to open the eyes of many – myself included – and launch himself into the spotlight of the wide receiver class.

Standing at just 5’9”, Herron has used his speed and athleticism to catch the attention of scouts and put himself in the mid-round, Day Two talks.

As I heard Rob Rang of CBS point out, Herron still has to prove that he belongs in the NFL. He hasn’t faced elite competition and has been able to play in a do-it-yourself role instead of fine-tuning his skills and beating elite cornerbacks. Taking Herron would be a risk, but it certainly would come with tremendous potential of upside.

Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin 

I had the privilege of watching Wisconsin many times this year and Abbrederis was always the guy that popped in the passing game.

The Wisconsin playmaker was tough to scout initially. He dropped some passes that need to be caught, but was able to reel in others that I wouldn’t expect many top prospects to make. Abbrederis couldn’t make every play, but he had his fair share NFL-caliber grabs.

Overall, I see a player that is very fundamentally sound, but who doesn’t have a distinct trait that stands out. He isn’t big and he won’t plow anybody over, but he could become a consistent two, three, or four guy that thrives as a reception receiver.

Joe Flacco could use another player that gets open and catches passes on a consistent basis. In the third round, Abbrederis might be that guy.

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