So Some Think Joe Flacco is a Slacker?

Street Talk So Some Think Joe Flacco is a Slacker?

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Imagine life as a Ravens fan without Joe Flacco as their quarterback.

Baltimore would have much more cap space ($14.8 million in 2014, to be exact). They could maybe sign two above average free agents to perhaps bolster their offensive line and/or receiving corps.

Ravens fans get a quarterback that is serious about his craft, spending every waking moment getting to know his new offensive coordinator while leaving his wife and kids at home, never taking a vacation.

Of course, I’m being facetious.

It’s absurd to me that fans and certain media members criticize Flacco for what he’s been doing (or not been doing) this offseason. Do you realize he continued to start every game last year even though he was sacked 48 times (4th-most in the league)?

I think he’s earned some time off.

But why isn’t he at the facility with Gary Kubiak going over schemes and terminology? Well first of all, John Harbaugh said the 2014 Ravens offense would be just that—the Ravens offense, not Gary Kubiak’s offense. Second of all, we’re less than two weeks removed from the Super Bowl. The season just ended. Players have a minute amount of time to themselves during the season, so this is the time they use to unwind and enjoy life.

Make up your mind. Do you want an adroit leader or do you want someone who flails around, makes demonstrative faces, is always serious and gets average results?

Why don’t I hear the same criticism toward other Ravens whose contracts carry huge cap figures? What about players like Ray Rice and Torrey Smith? Why aren’t they meeting with Kubiak? Arian Foster and Andre Johnson were among the NFL’s best running backs and wide receivers (respectively) while being coached by Kubiak.

Shouldn’t Rice and Smith recognize that and get to work right away?

No knock against Rice and Smith, as they are tremendous workers. The point is that just because a star player isn’t attached at the hip with a new coach doesn’t mean they don’t care or that they won’t put in plenty of hours breaking down film and figuring out the best plan of attack at the appropriate time.

What do you want from Flacco? Seriously, what more does he need to do to earn your respect and have you stop criticizing him? Maybe you’ve made up your mind that you’ll never support him, which seems odd since you call yourself a fan of the Ravens, the team for which he plays.

Has he won a Super Bowl against an elite defense while not turning the ball over once in that particular postseason? Yes. Has he won more playoff games in New England than any other opposing quarterback in the Brady/Belichick era? Yes.

Is he the best quarterback in Ravens history?

Yes, by a landslide.

For the sake of conversation, say you could pick any other quarterback to lead the Ravens. Perhaps you’d pick Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

Guess what? Despite the fact that they’re all unavailable, they currently have an average 2014 cap figure of $17.15 million; $2.35 million more than Flacco’s 2014 cap figure.

Of those players, only Brady has more Super Bowl MVP awards (2) than Flacco (1), and we’ve seen Flacco perform better than Brady in recent playoff matchups.

Flacco’s 2013 season wasn’t good. He didn’t play well and he needs to get better. But with regards to his resume, foreseeable potential and the current market for starting quarterbacks, you should be thankful he’s a Raven.

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