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As most of you know Bart Scott was recently named to replace Shannon Sharpe on CBS’ NFL Today. I had the pleasure of being the host of Bart’s show on ESPN 1300/105.7 FM during the 2007 season. We usually had a great time despite the bad season. Fans would do zany things like swallowing live gold fish chased by a shot of tequila to demonstrate why they should earn free Ravens tickets. The vibe was good down there at the old Della Rose’s in Canton.

A season earlier we had Bart in studio for our show GAMETIME and the rapport was great, so much so that Bart’s agent let us know that he had changed his mind about doing a radio show. His earlier stance was that such shows could be a distraction and affect his preparation for Sundays on the field.

Scott was always engaging, insightful and honest. As that 2007 season spiraled out of control during a 9-game losing streak, Bart’s enthusiasm weaned and he would show up later and later and his guests were non-committal, seemingly there just to punch the clock for their friend.

Fortunately for us, the Media Watchdog critiqued our show earlier in the season, before its unraveling. To his credit, this is the type of performance you can expect from Bart on CBS next season – a great addition to the NFL Today set!



The Commentators:
Host: Bart Scott
Co-host: Tony Lombardi

We are now at the bye week and I am almost through reviewing all of the Ravens radio shows. This week it’s time to check out The Hot Sauce with Bart Scott.

Tuesday night is a prime spot if you ask me since the raw emotion of Sunday’s game has subsided and the entire NFL weekly schedule has been finished after the MNF game.

Like Ray Lewis, Bart Scott is never at a loss for words, but he doesn’t have that preacher-like demeanor that can wear thin quickly.

Lombardi set the tone early by stating the Ravens can get right back into the division race if they beat Pittsburgh coming off the bye week. The discussion with Scott on his mindset for a MNF game vs. a regular game was revealing and it was clear, at least for Scott, that he views a national game against a rival in a special light. This opening segment went smoothly and was all football talk; just the way the MW likes it. (Are you taking notes Anita?)

The biggest glitch during the show came in the first break when the promo said, “You are listening to the Ray Lewis show.”

Hey, ESPN radio, wake up the intern and load the right promo next time.

After the break the topic of running a no-huddle offense was discussed. Lombardi asked Scott why the Ravens rarely run it themselves, yet other teams, including Buffalo, run it against the Ravens frequently. The response from Scott was intriguing. He said Buffalo made it very simple for their rookie QB to run the no-huddle. Does this mean coach Billick can’t make it easy enough for McNair or Boller to run it once in a while? If Scott ever has an offensive player as a guest it would be nice to see him and Lombardi revisit this subject.

The broadcast was progressing nicely and I noticed this show gets a higher quality caller compared to other shows I listen to. The callers seemed to be more interested in what happened on the field compared to just complimenting Scott.

The high point of the night was when a Ravens fan who had attended the Buffalo game called in with some insights on his experience. There were details on the stadium, the city and the Bills fans. This should be a regular segment on the show. Hearing how a Ravens fan was treated in hostile territory is great radio.

I listen to this show every week and when Scott has another player as a guest the football talk usually takes a detour and I want to tune out. It’s the old “three’s a crowd” deal. When Lombardi and Scott stick to football talk, which was the case on this night, this show is superior to others I have heard this year.


Grade: A-

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