Should Flacco Be Doing More This Offseason?

Street Talk Should Flacco Be Doing More This Offseason?

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What is expected of today’s franchise quarterback in the NFL?

In the modern age of paying quarterbacks an arm and a leg coupled with the notion that the league converted to a passing one, the expectations of signal callers are at an all time high.

Lately, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco finds himself once again in the crosshairs of a hot topic in Baltimore with fans and at least one member of the media.

The issue at hand that has stirred debate is whether Flacco should be setting up practice sessions with his wide receivers and tight ends prior to offseason activities begin.

Some will say they want Flacco to step up after a dismal 2013 season and get started on building a rapport with those who will find themselves on the other end of his lasers in 2014. Still others are NOT concerned, rationalizing that it’s still early in the offseason and what really matters is what he does on the field in September.

All signs have pointed to Flacco getting together with his receivers — signs validated by tight end Dennis Pitta during his recent press conference at team headquarters.

 “Yeah, we’ve talked about it, and it’s nothing set in stone right now, but I know that’s something Joe wants to get done. He wants to be able to meet with us and kind of get on the same page and go over some of the new things that we’re going to be doing”, Pitta stated.

“So, I’m sure we’ll get that ironed out in the next few weeks.”

It’s even unknown at this point if Flacco and company have even received a completed playbook from new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. If he hasn’t is there really a point to even get anyone together until such playbook becomes available?

The offseason is a time to do the things you don’t get a chance to do during the season.

It’s a time to spend with family, enjoy some R&R and above all get healthy.

Isn’t it prudent to have your franchise quarterback show up healthy when it matters most? After all wasn’t it just two and a half months ago when Flacco aggravated his knee against the Bengals in Week 17.

“Yeah. It just doesn’t bend that well, and when the guy landed on me, he just bent it all up into the top of my chest. It didn’t do any more (damage) to my knee; it just hurt for a while — that’s all,” Flacco told reporters after the game.

“It actually probably loosened it up for a couple series after that once it kind of settled down for a bit, but he basically just bent it up when he was on top of me and kept going?”

While Flacco’s injury didn’t warrant a procedure this offseason it was still cause for concern.

“No, I’m not going to have to get anything done. It was just my MCL and it will heal on its own …”

NFL games aren’t won and lost in March even though the Redskins and their twice-fired former GM might argue otherwise.

Besides, if you feel compelled to point the finger of blame somewhere for the woes of the 2013 season, direct it towards the offensive line.

Hey, think Marshal, Eugene & Co. are planning a get together in Patterson Park to knock around a blocking sled anytime soon?


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