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For this week’s “Where Are They Now,” I caught up with former Raven guard Edwin Mulitalo.

Mulitalo was selected by the Ravens in the fourth round of the 1999 NFL draft, and played ten years for the purple and black before finishing out his career with the Detroit Lions.

A Baltimore fan-favorite both on the field and off, Edwin was a integral part of  of the Ravens’ Super Bowl XXXV team.


Brian Bower: Do you still follow the Ravens in your free time or have you moved on?

Edwin Mulitalo: (Laughter) I try my best to follow the Ravens. You know what I mean? We have the internet out here in Samoa so I try to follow the Ravens as much as I can.

Brian Bower: What are some of the adjustments as a lineman from “Man” blocking scheme to a “Zone” blocking scheme?

Edwin Mulitalo: Usually when you go from man to zone it’s more of an understanding of the offense. It’s kind of a cliche coach talk but when you’re blocking zone you’re mainly blocking an area. If someones comes in that area, that’s who you are blocking. That’s where it goes from man to zone. Your blocking the zone and if the offensive linemen can understand those plays and the offense the better off he is. Some guys have a hard time grasping that concept but for the most part once you understand the offense and you can block your zone, it works out pretty good.

Brian Bower: Edwin, you played right tackle for a little a bit. Can you talk about the difference between playing left guard and right tackle?

Edwin Mulitalo: You know, once I did that, I use this analogy. When you play tackle it’s like having a big house but no friends. When you play guard it’s like having a small house but you got a lot of friends over. When you’re playing tackle you are kind of out there by yourself, nice house but you’re blocking one on one and no one is there to help you. Once you are inside, there’s a lot that’s going on. You got your center right there, you got your guard that’s right there and you have guys helping you. It’s the way to explain it when you are talking to someone that doesn’t understand. The tackle has to be a little more athletic because they got to move with more ground but the guards have to be more quick on your feet because things happen so quick.

Brian Bower: You are living in Samoa now. What are you up to these days?

Edwin Mulitalo: I teach at a local high school here and help with football. Just this week Haloti Ngata sent me out a bunch of footballs and all were good. We just ran routes and tossed them the ball.

Brian Bower: Do you keep in contact with Haloti these days?

Edwin Mulitalo: When the season comes I try to call him at least once a week or so or once every other week or so to tell him good luck.

Brian Bower: During your time in Baltimore, you were always very active in the community. Why is it so important to you to give back to the community not just then but now as well?

Edwin Mulitalo: I always thought it was important because you are helping out someone that needs it or a community. It helps you, yourself become a better person by doing it. That’s the way I live and that is what I teach my children.

Brian Bower: Edwin, can you share a funny story about a time or an event when you were in Baltimore?

Edwin Mulitalo: (Laughing) Oh man there is a lot of funny stories from my playing in Baltimore. Oh, wow there was this one time when they just started using the smoke machines. For some reason there was a ton of smoke in the tunnel and me and Kyle Boller were in the front and we thought we heard something and we bolted out onto the field and we were the only ones out there. I looked at Kyle, he looked at me so we just started chest bumping each other until the other guys came out. It felt like an hour! We were embarrassed but we couldn’t stop laughing.

Brian Bower: Best career moment? Had to be the Super Bowl win?

Edwin Mulitalo: Definitely winning the Super Bowl for sure and the guys I played with.  The guys I played with, Jonathan Ogden, Mike Flynn those guys I played with all my career so it was special to win the Super Bowl there.

Brian Bower: How are you feeling physically these days?

Edwin Mulitalo: (Laughing) Every time I wake up I wiggle my toes and my fingers and say “Okay I’m still living.” I took the kids to the beach today because we have the day off for Easter. We didn’t move here for the beach but it’s a great reminder! It’s awesome!

Brian Bower: If you never played a snap in the NFL, what do you think you would have done for a career?

Edwin Mulitalo: I would probably be in a Reggae band. (laughing) I would definitely be a bass player in a reggae band making all the money and playing by all the oceans. For real though, I went to school to be a teacher and that’s what I do right now to help out kids.

Brian Bower: Any plans on coming back to Baltimore soon?

Edwin Mulitalo: I’m coming back for the holidays this year and our summertime off here is during the holidays there. We get off late November and don’t return to school until the end of January. That’s our summertime. We are coming back then. I am going to go to a game. It’s always good chatting with the fans and go by Miles [Goodman]’s tailgate to enjoy some good food. It’s something football players never get a chance to do to eat and be around the fans tailgating.


While Edwin may be 7,102 miles away from Baltimore he will always be a Raven at heart.

From his efforts on the field during his playing days to teaching kids the game of football today, he is the epitome of what the Ravens organization has stood for from day one…class.

Special thanks to Edwin and Mr. Miles Goodman for all his help setting up this interview.


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