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The NFL may soon be forced to navigate unchartered waters – filling NFL stadiums.

As costs for tickets continue to climb; concessions carry gaudy profits; parking fees spiral upward; traffic bottlenecks after games challenge one’s sanity; queuing into the stadium is borderline ridiculous; and bathroom lines force you to miss big chunks of the game, fans are beginning to question the value to live games.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Meanwhile watching games at home not only represents dramatic savings, the viewing experience is infinitely better with the advent of HDTV and NFL Redzone.

No lines, no traffic, better food, cheaper food, beer – ditto, the list goes on…

If there’s a game tailor made for television it’s football.

Add it all up and then mix in the inconveniences that stem from unruly fans who do exactly what PA Announcer Bruce Cunningham implores everyone not to do before each game and the argument for staying at home grows even more compelling.


So what will the NFL do to enhance the fan experience at games?

Here are a few suggestions and we welcome yours.

  • Give away a free coke and hot dog to each ticket holder who enters the stadium 1 hour or more prior to kickoff
  • Equip each row of seats with phone chargers every 4 seats
  • Boost the cell signals so that text messaging isn’t all jammed up
  • Install a free Mac Daddy Wi-Fi network that isn’t password protected
  • Place TV’s in the bathrooms to reduce the discomfort of those unpleasant trips
  • Allow free access via smart phones to the TV broadcast of the games and NFL Redzone

There, problems solved!

Have you continued to watch World Cup games after the USA was knocked out?

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