Fans Point Finger of Blame at Cops in Smith Arrest

Lombardi's Way Fans Point Finger of Blame at Cops in Smith Arrest

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Whether it be on our Facebook page, message board or in the comments section of our blogs on the topic of Jimmy Smith, the most vocal fans have come to the defense of the Ravens’ promising cornerback after his arrest on Saturday night at The Greene Turtle in Towson.

Relatively speaking the crime isn’t a big deal.

No one was seriously injured and hopefully there were some lessons learned. Although it is at least slightly curious why Smith was allegedly with a coked up girl then flew out of town the next morning for the birth of his son by another woman.

But for those of you who are beating up on the police officers called to the scene and making them out to be the perpetrators, really?

Suppose they don’t respond to the call or the call isn’t made by the bar’s GM as detailed in this police report?

To borrow from Jimmy Smith, “What the f— are you gonna do?”

Might the girl have OD’d? Might she have suffered permanent damage?

The blatant disrespect for the law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect and serve by far too many fans is nauseating.

Many believe that the athletes who are publicly humiliated in the media for their transgressions are in the minority and that most are good, upstanding God-fearing men. Count me among them. We just happen to hear more about the bad apples.

The same is true in the law enforcement business.

You might hear of those who stray from decency and go Denzel Washington because that’s more newsworthy in this TMZ world. Those who honor the shield are more noteworthy and believe it or not they represent the overwhelming silent majority.

Let’s not defend Jimmy Smith’s momentary lapse of reasoning with hypothetical rogue behavior from cops with an alleged agenda.

Let’s just admit that Smith was wrong, hope he was taught a lesson and move on.

Blaming the cops only feeds the sense of entitlement that some athletes possess.

Time will tell if Smith is one.

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