Former Teammate Takes Swipe at Ray Rice

Lombardi's Way Former Teammate Takes Swipe at Ray Rice

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The Ray Rice backlash is not going away anytime soon.

When he travels to other stadiums the activists will follow and vitriolic fans with nothing better to do with their sad little lives will make signs, probably throw things at the Ravens bus or in Cleveland they just might take out their frustrations on the children of visiting Ravens fans like they once did to an 8-year old Jets fan.

It’s really a sad statement on society. You hear the hate on sports talk radio; you see it at times in the comments sections of blogs; message boards can be the playgrounds for fan disdain.

How does that all happen? How does something intended to be a pastime and bring enjoyment to the lives of spectators morph into such bitterness and contempt at times?

Rice understands what he’s up against.

Roger Goodell could have made things a bit easier on him had he explained publicly in a clear and emphatic way why he decided on suspending Rice for just two games.

Atlantic County thought the videotape of the elevator incident was so compelling and condemning that they offered the pretrial diversion program. In other words, they had no substantive case.

The two parties privy to the ALL of the information regarding Rice’s Atlantic City incident are the Atlantic County prosecutors and Roger Goodell.

No one else.

You would think that either would have loved to make an example of Rice if the evidence supported it. Any prosecutor longs to have a high profile conviction on their resume and Goodell has a reputation for dealing with league perpetrators in a heavy-handed way.

Yet neither found much to sink their punishing teeth into.

Doesn’t that tell you something?

The Ravens players have stood by Rice as have the fans of Baltimore.

But apparently opposing players aren’t as forgiving.

After the NFL chose to suspend Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather for two games following his illegal hit on Torrey Smith in Saturday’s preseason game between the Ravens and Redskins, the headhunting defender’s teammate, long snapper Nick Sundberg came to the defense of the 6-time offender, criticizing the punishment.

Players almost always have the backs of others and will not fan the flames of controversy unless they have irrefutable intel. That makes Sundberg’s Tweet all the more puzzling. He just comes across as another ill-informed fan spewing hate.

An interesting side note, Sundberg was a short-time teammate of Rice’s in 2009 when he was a member of the Ravens practice squad. In a disingenuous way Sundberg later posted this Tweet, an ill-advised preemptive strike to try and soften the blow of his initial boneheaded Tweet.


Do you think this is another underhanded shot from Sundberg directed at yet another former Ravens teammate – Ray Lewis?

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