Steelers 43, Ravens 23

Knee-Jerk Reactions Steelers 43, Ravens 23

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In a game in which the Ravens needed their pass rush to step up to have a chance, it looked good in the early going, Then the group slowed down and the back end was exposed as if they were playing in 7-on-7 drills. But the defense got no help from an offense that has come crashing down to earth. Kubiak’s play-calling fed the Steelers’ resurgent blitz attack with heavy use of open formations and little patience with the running game. The offensive line crumbled under an assault of overloads and stunts off the left side. James Harrison turned the clock back to 2008. And Flacco has now thrown 4 TDs and 5 INTs in his last three games. Bottom line: This team can’t beat the upper echelon teams. ~ Dev Panchwagh


The Ravens started out strong and up until the Taliaferro fumble they were the better team. But after that fumble they lost their composure and looked like a rudderless ship without a leader on either side of the football. Offensively the Ravens panicked and got away from the run and the Steelers chose to completely disrespect it, preferring instead to just tee off on Joe Flacco who looked like the rattled rookie in the 2009 AFC Championship game. Gary Kubiak never countered with draws, screens or quick hitting slants. Instead he drew up some head scratching route combinations that made little sense with the heat Dick LeBeau was dialing up.

Defensively Dean Pees seemed to come in with a solid plan of attack but the Steelers adjusted and Pees never countered.

Jacoby Jones gave the Ravens a brief spark but the tired defense couldn’t answer and never solved Antonio Brown who had 11 catches for 144 yards and a score. Lardarius Webb is but a shadow of the player he once was and that makes a bad secondary even worse. Last place in the AFC North is an unfamiliar place for the Ravens but it is deserved after this performance that was embarrassing on so many levels. ~ Tony Lombardi


Wow… The Steelers got some home cooking tonight, didn’t they? The Refs totally stunk. I mean just awful. But once again, the Ravens didn’t lose because of the referees. They Ravens lost because they couldn’t stop the Steelers. They couldn’t tackle wide receivers. They couldn’t cover anyone. They couldn’t block Pittsburgh’s front seven. They couldn’t move the ball on offense. They stopped running the ball for the last 3 quarters. That’s why the Ravens lost… Not the refs, but they didn’t help.

This loss hurts bad, too. Now with 3 losses in the division, and in last place in the division, it will be very difficult to win the division. So you have to hope to win the others and get a wild card. ~ Joe Polek


Stupid penalties, costly turnovers and yes some questionable calls by the officials spelled disaster for the Ravens on the road in prime time. The offensive line played their worst game of the season, the secondary is atrocious and too late to fix regardless of what Harbaugh will say this week. The Ravens continue the trend of failing to show up in big games. ~ Brian Bower


Ravens may not be a good football team. JOE FLACCO has been terrible for 2 weeks. Secondary can’t cover me. ~ Ken Zalis


What a difference two weeks makes. Two weeks ago the Ravens were in first place and the Steelers looked dead in the water. Now, the Steelers look like the best team in the division and the Ravens are in last place. Terrible game for the Ravens – turnovers, penalties, questionable play calling, poor tackling, poor OL play, etc, etc, etc……….just a totally embarrassing performance. ~ Brian McFarland


A promising start quickly dissolved into the worst game of the Ravens’ season. No unit played well, and the secondary was exposed as completely inept. ~ Fran “The Fan” Vojik


Two weeks ago, I thought this team was good. Now, after two wholly pathetic efforts in critical division games, I’m not so sure. Sure, it was obvious early on the Ravens were playing both the Steelers and the refs, tonight, but Baltimore got the ball rolling the wrong way on their own with their two awful first half turnovers. It’s obvious that “urgency” is a foreign concept to Mr. Kubiak, and it’s inexcusable to let old man James Harrison take your supposedly good offensive line to task like it was 2008.~ Derek Arnold


An ugly and undisciplined game for the Ravens. Turnovers, poor offensive line play and a total lack of balance on offense stood out the most. On the field about the only thing Suggs could do was talk trash, he looks slow and overweight. Seeing him smiling and playing air guitar with the Ravens down 19 in the fourth quarter is infuriating, and a perfect example why he will never actually be a leader on this team. ~ Ryan Jones


Last week left me with a bad taste in my mouth. This week was worse. After a promising first quarter, the Ravens fumbled it away in what seemed like one play. The referees didn’t help the cause, but this team was extremely overmatched for three quarters on both sides of the ball. Lardarius Webb is definitely not the player he used to be. He’s not even a shell of his former self. He seems to have aged 10 years in one season. What a difference two weeks can make in the NFL. The Ravens and Chargers both looked like playoff locks. Now, it doesn’t look like either of them will make it. ~ Tyler Lombardi


A lack of composure and discipline cost the Ravens. They got out-coached and out-worked for the majority of the night. This team is not close to where it needs to be if they want to make the playoffs. The secondary was a mess, and surprisingly, so was Baltimore’s pass protection.

Pittsburgh did what Baltimore did in Week 2: throttle their opponent en route to a 20-point home, divisional win. ~ Mike Fast

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