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Sunday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans featured two teams in the bottom-half of their divisions.

Not something we’re exactly used to here in Baltimore, the Titans on the other hand are probably becoming quite acclimated at this point. With poor placement in the division though, there comes broadcast teams that sport resumes of Olympic Handball, Curling, and the Tennis Channel.

Andrew Catalon and Steve Beuerlein had the call for CBS’s early game and we, as Ravens fans, got to see what it’s like living in the cellar with the Jags, Rams, and Raiders.

At the start of the game the Network began to highlight some of the key defensive players for the Ravens. They came across the secondary and pointed out Lardarius Webb saying it’s because, “…he’s the only player we know in this Baltimore secondary.”

It got a laugh out of me and I thought to myself that these guys might have some promise and provide some entertainment value.


The Titans faced 3rd and long on a few different occasions early on. Steve Beuerlein noted that since Zach Mettenberger was a rookie play caller Ken Whisenhunt might not have the full use of the Titans playbook. He went on to say if the team was put in too many of these situations the Ravens will quickly pick up what Mettenberger is trying to do and create some turnovers. I thought this was good, useful analysis.

Opening up the second half Gary Kubiak shook things up and got Flacco some quick slants and fast developing plays to get the Titans off balance. Beuerlein made note of this, but didn’t explain what Kubiak saw that would have given him the idea to change things up.

Beuerlein spent 16 seasons as a quarterback in the NFL. He more than anyone, should be able to explain what a quarterback is seeing under center that would force a change in offensive attack.

Just before the half, Terrence Brooks laid a thundering shot on Titans tight end, Delanie Walker. It left Walker out of commission on the turf. While CBS was showing the replays the commentators pondered what caused Walker to be incapacitated on the field?

Now, I’m no doctor and I don’t dare play one on the blogosphere, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t whip-lash or the “ground up rubber pellets” that bed the ground.

My non-professional guess would be the culprit was the 200lb defensive back running a 4.4 shoulder-first into Walker’s upper body.

This crew wasn’t the best, certainly wasn’t the worst, but I do wonder what kind of training these analysts go through before they are placed on National TV for the world to see.

Two more things of note.

CBS aired this footage post-game on the National broadcast.

CBS later apologized to Harbaugh.

Lastly Mike Carey looks like a hot dog.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.59.56 AM

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