Section 336 Ep. 89 – Turkey Buttons

The Fanimal Section 336 Ep. 89 – Turkey Buttons

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Once again, we’re streaming and recording LIVE!

Section 336 will be back at Buffalo Wild Wings on December 4th, this time at the Columbia location. Come out for your chance to win Ravens/Jaguars tickets!


On this week’s show…

Leading Off – Ravens Beat Saints

Remember to tune in on 15 minutes prior to every show (Tuesdays at around 7:45 PM) for our witty and goofy pre-show banter.

All week we heard about how good the New Orleans Saints were at home (even though they had lost two in a row), and how they’re unbeatable at the Superdome in prime time. Oops. What stood out to you?

Bert is glad it was Sean Payton, and not John Harbaugh, refusing to just take the points this week.

Justin Forsett continues to be a pleasant surprise and more, leading the NFL in yards per carry!

Is Steve Smith’s aggressiveness starting to rub off on Torrey? It sure looked like it on Monday night. On a related note, Matt doesn’t understand fans saying Sr. should “cut down on the antics.”

This Weekend

The Chargers come to town this weekend. They’re 0-2 all-time at M&T Bank Stadium, and they lost their last east coast road trip this year 37-0 in Miami.

Should the NFL do anything about the system that allows a team with a losing record to make the playoffs while winning teams sit at home?

Ravens/Chargers predictions.

Thanksgiving football!

Ball Bag

Ten teams are talking seriously with Andrew Miller, and the O’s aren’t one of them. Thoughts? Matt lines up with the “Facebook crazies,” which makes him a bit uncomfortable.

Matt talks about his 5 O’s Myths article.

Would you be happy with Melky Cabrera as a right fielder?

The Red Sox signed Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. Worried?

Question of the Week

Would you rather have arms as long….just kidding.

Manny Machado got married this week. Any advice for him?

Turkey Time

Being around turkeys all day would be…annoying.

What are you thankful for this year when it comes to Baltimore sports?

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Josh Sroka

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Josh Sroka is a lifelong Baltimore sports fan who has no problem drinking the Orange and Purple Kool-aid. As a member of Section 336 he handles all the technical stuff while providing a positive attitude that the Birds can always win. Check out Section 336 each day for new Baltimore Sports talk from Josh, Matt and Bert.

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