Dear Ravens Fans…

Confessions of a Sports Nut Dear Ravens Fans…

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Dear Ravens fan,

First of all, allow me to say, on behalf of the entire team I coach, “thank you from the bottom of our heart for the support you give us, whether it’s through ticket purchases or just watching us on television every Sunday during the season.”

Without you and all of the fans supporting us, we have nothing.

We know that.

Second — you’re welcome. We busted our balls for you this season, starting from training camp in August and extending right through until the final quarter of the regular season.

I’m not a dummy. I hear the things you say about me and the team I coach. I have the internet at home. I can read. My daughter showed me what Twitter is, so I’ve unfortunately checked that out occasionally as well.

A lot of you gave up on us, whether it was after we lost to the Chargers or after the disappointing defeat in Houston. You quit on us. I heard it, I read it and I absorbed it.

A great number of you quit on the Ravens.

You gave up on us last Sunday in the first quarter against the Browns. You called my team “pathetic”. I saw on Twitter where one of you said, “Harbaugh and Flacco have no spine”. As I was heading to the locker room at halftime on Sunday one of the fans that I remember high-fiving in New Orleans after the Super Bowl win yelled to me, “Tell your brother to stay in San Francisco and YOU take that Michigan job, please!”

In the second half, while we were fighting for our lives, you booed us. Those who have been in the stadium before know how close the benches are to the lower bowl seating area. We don’t turn around and acknowledge you when you crush us with your comments, but we hear you. Trust me, we hear you. Steve Smith, Sr. said to me on Sunday, “Coach, you gonna let those clowns get away with what they’re saying?” I replied to him, “Steve, let’s just go win a game for them and they’ll be cheering for us at the end of the afternoon.”

The players on my team never once quit this season, even when our running back was suspended and subsequently released from the team after week one. Our number one tight end got hurt in the third week of the season and was done for the year. We lost one of our best defensive players in October. We had 18 players on injured reserve by Christmas Day. In December alone, our Pro Bowl nose tackle got suspended, our starting right tackle got placed on I.R. and our starting left tackle missed the most important game of the season with an injury.

Nothing stopped us, though.

At times, we might have temporarily stopped ourselves, but did you all know that the other team tries, too?

The Ravens never quit in 2014.

Some of you quit on us, but that’s why you’re not playing for me.

That’s why you’re fans and we’re players.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, we’re heading to Pittsburgh this Saturday night to take on the Steelers. We’re not going up there to quit, either. We’ll take those bastards on and if they think this game is going to be a cakewalk, they’re in for the shock of their lives.

They better bring a freakin’ Army with them on Saturday night.

If you’re interested in going up to Pittsburgh and supporting us, we’d love to see you and hear you. I hear Drew Forrester of Drew’s Morning Dish has put together a great bus trip for “real” Ravens fans who are proud of the team and want to show their support.

You can e-mail him if you’re interested in going: [email protected]

See you on Saturday in Pittsburgh.

And then again, next weekend in New England.

Happy New Year, Baltimore.

It feels great to be back in the playoffs again, huh?

With warmth,

Your Head Football Coach

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