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Baltimore Writer Calls Patriots Fans Obnoxious

And that Baltimore writer is me. Jerry Thornton (sorry about the spelling, buddy) found an article I posted calling Boston sports fans obnoxious and arrogant and decided to respond…with the usual Ray Rice, Ray Lewis related arguments. While doing this, of course he chooses to ignore the numerous red flags given by Aaron Hernandez and Alfonzo Dennard’s conviction of third-degree felony assault of a police officer. My favorite point defending their obnoxiousness is the “we care more” argument. Please. LINK

Purple Reign Show: Phil Gentile Interviews Eric Wilbur

One of the Boston writers who has been relentlessly attacking the Ravens organization is Eric Wilbur of Phil Gentile, co-host of the Purple Reign Show podcast asks him why he’s come after the Ravens so much this week. Fast forward to the 9:55 mark of Segment 2 to hear the interview. LINK

Belichick and Brady break down film on Ed Reed

If you haven’t seen this whole episode of A Football Life, it’s definitely worth a watch. It shows just how much they appreciated how good Ed Reed is. LINK

Joe Flacco and Tom Brady Meet for a Record Fourth Time

Okay, they will tie for a record. Chase Stuart of Football Perspective breaks down the other quarterbacks who have met as many times as Flacco and Brady in the post-season and what their match-ups have looked like. LINK

Ravens celebrate win over Patriots in AFC Championship

In case you don’t remember, want to re-live it, aren’t already hyped up enough for this game, or are bored at work, here’s a video of the Ravens celebrating the AFC Championship win over the Patriots following the 2012 season. LINK

Ravens Wired: Wild Card game in Pittsburgh

He wouldn’t be John Harbaugh if he didn’t ask everyone on the field “Where else would you rather be?” before the game. Check out the full wired clip here. LINK

Ravens All 22: Can the Ravens Stop the Patriots?

Dan Bryden of the Ravens All-22 blog doesn’t think that this “mismatch” is all that people are cracking it up to be. LINK

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