Kubiak Prepares to go “Home”

Street Talk Kubiak Prepares to go “Home”

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I tweeted Sunday morning that Sunday could turn out to be the worst day of the Ravens offseason. Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak was set to interview with John Elway for the head coaching position with the Denver Broncos.

No more than an hour later, it was being reported that Gary Kubiak intended to accept the job if it was offered to him. Another report said it could be finalized by Tuesday.

A lot of fans in Baltimore have already started calling Kubiak “disloyal” and a “traitor”. I don’t agree with either of those descriptions.

Kubiak was drafted by the Broncos in 1983 and spent his entire nine-year career being John Elway’s backup in Denver. After his playing career, he started coaching and joined the Broncos coaching staff in 1995 and stayed there for 10 years. So from 1983-2014 (a 31-year span), Kubiak spent 19 of those years in Denver.

Yes, Texas is officially Kubiak’s home as he was born and raised in Houston. He went to High School in Houston and went to Texas A&M for college. He also coached 2 seasons with A&M and coached 7 seasons with the Houston Texans. But that didn’t work out.

Kubiak ElwaySo Kubiak’s adopted home is Denver. Not only that, but one of his closest friends is Elway, who would be his boss. If he can’t coach the Texans, the Broncos job is the only other job that would be considered “going home” or a “dream job”.

I can’t blame Kubiak for going home and taking a job that he may have always wanted. Put yourself in his shoes. Imagine that you went away to college and spent a majority of your adult life at one place. But after being away for a few years that place comes calling and offers you their top job for more money than you are currently making.

Wouldn’t you want to go back “home” and do it?

Of course you would. I know I would.

Plus, he gets the added benefit of working with his son who last year, was hired by Elway as a personnel assistant in the scouting department.

So I am not upset with Kubiak if on Tuesday it is announced that he is the new Head Coach of the Broncos. Good for him. But that doesn’t mean he will be successful.

As a head coach, Kubiak is just 61-64, with only 3 winning seasons in 8 years. But as an assistant coach, his offenses have thrived in San Francisco, Denver, and in Baltimore. He might be a better OC just like Rex Ryan is a better Defensive Coordinator than a Head Coach.

But most people want the #1 job, not the #2 job.

Probably the biggest issue that fans have with Kubiak is that he said he was flattered with being considered for head coaching positions across the league but that he was going to finish the job in Baltimore and stay with the Ravens. I truly believe he was being sincere with those comments… at that time.

But things changed. 24 hours later, Denver blew up and let all of their coaches go. Kubiak’s situation then changed. The only job he would leave Baltimore for was now available. He hasn’t said a word publicly but he was linked to the job immediately, and after his interview Sunday, he is expected to take the job.

Maybe Kubiak shouldn’t have said he was staying in Baltimore… but he did because he thought he was, under the then, current situation. Hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure we have all said things we later wish we hadn’t.

So don’t be mad at Kubiak for taking a job promotion. Most of us would do the same thing. And as Russell Street Report reminded us on Sunday morning, most of us thought Kubiak would be “1 and done” because he was such a high quality coach.

Now, Baltimore will have another new Offensive Coordinator. It seems like the Ravens can’t hold on to OC and DC’s, which isn’t a bad thing. Most of the Ravens coordinators don’t leave because they were bad. Most leave for a promotion with another team.

Kyle Shanahan’s name has been mentioned but word is he may be heading to Atlanta. Rick Dennison is a possibility but most have him following Kubiak to Denver.

Whatever the final outcome, let’s hope the Ravens are able to move forward and give Joe Flacco more control of the offense.

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