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I’ve had the pleasure of being on the sidelines during Ravens practices. I have stood 5 yards away and watched 250 pound chiseled athletes run by at abnormal speeds for bodies that big.

Just a few fleeting seconds after they pass you feel a breeze go by, the byproduct of mass and velocity.

And then you can’t help but be left with the thought, “What if someone that big and that fast hit you when you weren’t looking?”

It happens every Sunday on an NFL field.

Obviously professional football is a violent game. You see it on TV but believe it or not despite the technological advances in television where you can almost smell the grass while watching the game, the violence as seen from your living room doesn’t approach that on the field.

I remember playing flag football in men’s leagues for the better part of a decade from my early 20’s to early 30’s. Towards the end of my so-called “playing career”, I recall how my body was sore for the better part of the following week.

So I can only imagine what these players feel like after a game.

To put it in perspective, what they put their bodies through is on par with any one of us picking out a mini-van in a parking lot and then running into it at top speed.

That has to hurt, right?

I thought about this today when I heard about Nebraska’s Randy Gregory, the highly touted pass rusher who flunked his drug test at the NFL Combines.

I then remembered when former Lions’ veteran offensive lineman Lomas Brown told the Detroit News that 50% of the players in the NFL smoke pot.

I wasn’t surprised. The NFL is brutally physical and pain management is an issue.

So how do the players manage pain?



Clearly there are risks with those, just ask Alonzo Mourning and Brett Favre.

Relatively speaking, could it be that marijuana is less harmful?

And if Brown is right, how is it that the players pass their random drug tests?

Might the league actually look the other way oftentimes when it comes to pot?

Taking it a step further might it be worse if players head out to bars and clubs to let off some steam, soothe some bruises and potentially be exposed to environments where problems always seem to rear their ugly heads?

Relatively speaking staying at home and burning a plant might be a safer option in more ways than one.

Back to Randy Gregory, now that’s just stupid. Even beyond stupid. At the very least he’s probably eliminated the Seahawks, Broncos and Redskins from the list of interested teams.

But no worries Randy…there’s always the Dallas Cowboys.

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