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Get On Your Mock!

Eight RSR writers, one representing each NFL division, were asked to participate in our annual NFL Mock Draft. Trades were not allowed and the writers were asked to weigh team needs against the best player available. Here’s what they came up with in Round 1. The Ravens selection is sure to put a charge in one of the team’s 2014 picks. LINK

Go The Distance!

What are the chances of hitting on 10 Ravens draft picks? What are the chances of hitting on even one? Things can change quickly on NFL draft boards. One pre-draft DUI and a prospect can turn into tumbling dice. But we took a shot at all 10 anyway earlier this week. Would you be happy with this collection of picks at bedtime on the first Saturday night in May?

The Ravens Pentagon

This 2-minute video takes you behind the curtain and into the Ravens “war room” on draft day. Check it out!

Slim Pickings

Many expect the Ravens to add depth to their secondary and wide receiver corps. But as you will see HERE, they will probably have to do so either through the draft or after the draft. The available free agents just might inspire you to cuddle with Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown.

Not Exactly Buddy Lee

We once affectionately referred to Kelly Gregg as “Buddy Lee” but this Lee is no one’s buddy here in Baltimore. The mere mention of Lee Evans’ name can send shivers of terror down the collective spine of Ravens Nation. But it wasn’t always that way for a the former Buffalo favorite and it begs the questions, “What happened to Lee Evans?”

The Raven Sleeps Tonight?

Many have mistaken Ozzie Newsome’s incredible patience as a weakness and assume he’s asleep at the switch. I’ve made that erroneous accusation in the past myself. Never again! It’s moves like the Gino Gradkowski trade that make you appreciate Oz’s vision and of course his patience. Details HERE.

The Backup Plan

Joe Flacco and Tyrod Taylor couldn’t be more different and the two really never made sense as a QB pairing on the team’s depth chart. Recently acquired Matt Schaub makes far more sense. LINK

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

You can set your calendar by it – RSR’s annual April Fool’s spoof. If you missed it, check it out HERE and let us know which is the most believable; the least believable.

What grade would you give the Ravens offseason so far?


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