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Street Talk What’s Better? Beating NE or Pitt?

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Patriots and Steelers.

Just saying the names of those two teams brings a sour taste to Ravens fans’ mouths. When the Ravens lose a game to one of these teams, it’s always a bitter pill to swallow. Whether it be Patriots fans and/or media calling the Ravens “the most deplorable organization in American professional sports” or the fact that Steelers fans actually wear these, there are plenty of things to dislike about both organizations.

But which team do Ravens fans enjoy beating the most? Which gives them the most joy.

Purple Reign Show is doing a poll to find out exactly that.

I want to say that I enjoy beating the Patriots more because they’ve become more detestable recently. Besides the fact that they cheated, their fans and media are the most pompous and obnoxious in the league. They tell people that “they care more” about their sports than anywhere else in the country. With the whole Deflategate controversy, they have now added delusional to that list.

Even though my instincts want me to say the opposite, I’ve gotta go with the Steelers. When I think back to which games gave me more joy, the big victories against the Steelers have made me happier. The win in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots was the most satisfying win against either team, but that had more to do with the fact that it was an AFC Championship game. If it was the Steelers in that game, it may have been even more satisfying.

The sweeps of 2006 and 2011 against the Steelers were the highlights of the season. The blowout in Foxboro in the playoffs (not the 2012 AFC Championship game, the 2009 Wild Card game), while very fun to watch, wasn’t quite as satisfying as Flacco’s game-winning drive in Pittsburgh in 2011 or the home shutout in 2006. For that reason, the Steelers are my final answer.

So which team do you prefer beating? Answer in Purple Reign’s poll here and let us know why in our comments!

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