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Street Talk Bart Scott Blasts Tom Brady

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Straight Fire from Old # 57

Yesterday, there was a surprise guest host on AM 1300’s nationally broadcast Doug Gottlieb Show – former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott. Co-hosting with CBS Radio regular Damon Amendolara, Bart’s voice was instantly recognizable to this Ravens fan as the show opened.

And I knew I was in for a listening treat.Knowing Scott’s penchant for wading into any and all controversies, including his dislike of the Patriots going back to his Ravens days, Amendolara wasted no time in guiding the conversation to the topic of – what else – Tom Brady and Deflategate. Bart brought some straight fire to the conversation as he gave his unvarnished take on this controversy, which is still unresolved, unbelievably, 6 months after the January 18, 2015 incident.

According to Bart:

1.  The Patriots are and always have been serial line-steppers and envelope pushers.  They are among several teams (which he didn’t name) who like to snoop on practices, bend the rules, and steal signals.

2.  Whenever the Ravens defense played with their plays taped on wrist bands, you knew they were playing teams who were stealing signals.  Like the Patriots.

3.  Tom Brady not only knew the game balls were deflated, he approved of it.

4.  His refusal to turn over transcripts of his cell phone texts to the league is evidence of #3.

5.  Brady deserves the 4 game suspension.

Bart further noted something I’ve been saying since this ridiculous affair started in January – that all Brady had to do was admit that he instructed his ball boys to take a little air out of the game balls to bring them on the low side of the accepted psi range because he liked a slightly softer ball.  If Brady had admitted to this, there would have been one or two days of huffing and puffing and then, in light of the Patriots 45-7 destruction of the Colts in the AFC title game, it would have been quickly forgotten.

brady-so-embarrassedAs for this fan, I’ve said all along if there was no intent to deceive and/or break the rules, why did the Patriots – not the League – suspend the deflators?  If the Patriots did no wrong, why did Pats owner Robert Kraft accept league commissioner Roger Goodell’s one million dollar fine on the team and loss of a 2016 1st round draft choice? I’ve heard of taking one for the team and keeping peace in the owners ranks, but that’s just stupid.

I don’t’ care how rich Bob Kraft is.

You don’t fold with that kind of money on the table unless you have a busted hand.

Scott talked about the trick receiver-eligible plays the Patriots used in the Divisional playoff game against the Ravens as evidence of the line-stepping employed by the Pats, and noted the practice was quickly outlawed by the owners during their first winter meeting.  Because of Brady’s dismissive attitude and smirky comments after the game (“they [Ravens] should try reading the rule book”) and now Deflategate, Bart thinks Brady has placed himself directly in the line of fire of the Ravens defense this year.

The Ravens and Patriots are not on the regular season schedule but if they meet in the upcoming post season he predicts that when Terrell Suggs gets a shot at Brady, he’ll lay him out and pay the fine.
Straight Fire!

The hosts then turned to other sports topics and Bart showed that he is not a one-trick pony as he delved into other areas of interest.  I know one thing….The NFL Today will not be a boring pregame show with Bart Scott on the set.

Can’t wait!

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