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Ravens Links Tebow Ends Fight at Bal-Phi Practice

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Reports: Tim Tebow broke up a fight at Ravens-Eagles joint practice

While you can question Tim Tebow’s ability as an NFL quarterback, what you can’t question is his ability as a team leader. While our Brian Bower says that it was barely anything, Tebow was in the middle of a fight to end it before it started between reserve players from both teams. Mike Tanier said he parted the fight like “the Red Sea.” Clever, Mike. Brett Smiley of Fox Sports has the full story. LINK

Ravens guard John Urschel tests his own brain after concussion

Are you surprised by this? I’m certainly not. When people are recovering from concussions, they are told to avoid work that would put a high degree of stress on their brains. Of course, John Urschel didn’t listen that, and he went and tried to test his own brain with high level math. Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk has the full story. LINK

Joe Flacco’s Hair Has Come a Long Way

With Joe Flacco looking like a GQ model these days, Nathan Beaucage of Baltimore Beatdown looks at the evolution of Flacco’s hair. Back in the early 90’s he had a haircut similar to what he has now, the always classic side-part. While many will argue whether he is an elite quarterback, no one can argue his hair. LINK

Ravens’ Steve Smith takes shot at Chip Kelly’s practices

Steve Smith doesn’t understand why Chip Kelly’s practices are considered so hard. He said, “Have you heard about our practices? Exactly. We’re three hours. This 2:15 man, this is like apple juice. It’s great.” He also says that he would rather be home with his wife celebrating her birthday than having to go up to Philadelphia for joint practices. LINK

John Harbaugh gets nostalgic about his time in Philadelphia

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