NFL: Terrell Suggs’ Hit Was Legal

Ravens Links NFL: Terrell Suggs’ Hit Was Legal

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NFL says Terrell Suggs’ hit on Sam Bradford was legal

Dean Blandino has now publicly stated that Terrell Suggs’ hit on Sam Bradford was, in fact, a legal hit, Kelly Divens of CSN Mid-Atlantic tells us. I’m glad that the NFL has come out in defense of the hit. If you start calling penalties against players who hit the quarterback when they’re running a read-option, it will be almost impossible to stop. LINK

Study: NFL preseason games haven’t mattered since 1994

This study from the Journal of Sports Economics is almost three years old, but I doubt that much has changed since then as it relates to preseason. The W-L total of preseason games has no correlation with the regular season, according to the study. It doesn’t say much, however, about the value of players getting reps in live action against a new opponent. LINK

VIDEO: Michael Strahan Talks About Jonathan Ogden

Jonathan Ogden was a great tackle. We all knew that. But Michael Strahan will tell you exactly how good he was. He talks about how he was always laughing and smiling on the field. It made you think that he wouldn’t be able to handle the mean players of the NFL. That perception was wrong, of course. Ogden would just manhandle you with a big grin on his face. LINK

NFL Preseason Is an Unnecessary, Outdated Risk for Players

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report says that the NFL preseason is just a moneymaker for the owners. He argues that it doesn’t serve any purpose that training camp and joint practices don’t cover. He knows that fans love it because it’s the only thing that resembles anything close to football for 6 months, but it’s not worth it because of the increased head trauma for all of the players. While I agree with him that something needs to be done about the preseason, I’d argue that at least two games are necessary. The atmosphere is not something that you can replicate in a practice, and there are clock management situations that a coach cannot replicate for himself in practice. LINK

Ravens hope return home leads to better results

Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic discusses what practice will look like this week as they prepare to face the Washington Redskins on Saturday. Of course, one of the main things they hope improves is their injury outlook, but it will also help them to return to their normal practices at their own complex. LINK

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