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Terrell Suggs has been with the Ravens since 2003. Through that time, he has sacked a LOT of quarterbacks.

Just how many, you ask? The answer is 61, and Sporacle user, tumtum285 (/u/dreshv on Reddit) is ready to quiz you on them.

Do you think that you can name them all? I would doubt it. With the carousel of quarterbacks in Cleveland, you’re bound to miss at least a couple.

When you are finally done, you’ll most likely be kicking yourself for missing a few. Others, you’ll say, “I completely forgot about him.” And sometimes you’ll think, “who the heck is he?”

While the sack total next to the spot where the quarterback will be placed is helpful, I’m going to give you an additional list to help you out – the number of quarterbacks from each team who have been sacked by Terrell Suggs. If a quarterback was sacked by Suggs as a member of two teams, I’ve noted that in parentheses next to both teams.

Sacked with multiple teams

Cleveland, Oakland – 1
Cleveland, Washington – 1
San Diego, New Orleans – 1

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers – 3
Cleveland Browns – 9 (+2 who were sacked as members of multiple teams)
Cincinnati Bengals – 4

AFC East

New England Patriots – 1
New York Jets – 2
Buffalo Bills – 4
Miami Dolphins – 5

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – 1
Tennessee Titans – 2
Jacksonville Jaguars – 3
Houston Texans – 2

AFC West

Denver Broncos – 2
San Diego Chargers – 1 (+1 who was also sacked as a Saint)
Kansas City Chiefs – 2
Oakland Raiders – 2 (+1 who was also sacked as a Brown)

NFC North

Green Bay Packers – 1
Chicago Bears – 0
Minnesota Vikings – 1
Detroit Lions – 0

NFC East

New York Giants – 0
Washington Redskins – 1 (+1 who was also sacked as a Brown)
Philadelphia Eagles – 0
Dallas Cowboys – 2

NFC South

New Orleans Saints – 0 (+1 who was also sacked as a Charger)
Atlanta Falcons – 2
Carolina Panthers – 2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers – 1
Seattle Seahawks – 1
St. Louis Rams – 2
Arizona Cardinals – 1

Good luck! Let us know how you do in the comments below.

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