Last Year’s 8th Best RB, Justin Forsett Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Fantasy Last Year’s 8th Best RB, Justin Forsett

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Fantasy Football 2015: Latest 2-Round Mock Draft and Running Back Rankings

Folks, our running back, Justin Forsett, was the 8th best RB last year in fantasy football. Which is pretty good, but it hasn’t equated to him being drafted as the 8th running back. In this mock draft, he goes off the board as the 10th running back, which presents a pretty good value. LINK

Exploitation Theory: What The NFL Schedule Can Teach Us About Drafting Running Backs

Aaron Watson of numberFire tried to find out just how important it was for the best running backs to go up against bad defenses to get points. The answer was a whole lot. Last year during Le’Veon Bell‘s stretch of games where he averaged 31 fantasy points per game, he faced the 29th, 32nd, 26th, and 31st best defenses according to NEP.

This just helps to show the importance of match-ups. To help deal with this problem, Watson put together this list, ranking the easiest schedule for fantasy running backs to the hardest from top to bottom. This is something that will be useful for your waiver wire decisions and even in the later rounds of your drafts (if you’re like me and haven’t had them yet). LINK

Chart of the Best Schedules for Running Backs Against Defeneses in Fantasy Football

Credit: numberFire/Aaron Watson

Tales From the Training Room: An NFL Injury Roundup

In case you haven’t heard, there were a couple of big injuries on Sunday in the Steelers-Packers game. Maurkice Pouncey broke his ankle and Jordy Nelson tore his ACL. Those are two of the biggest parts of both teams’ offenses, which means both will have a fantasy impact. Bill Barnwell of Grantland discusses the impact of Jordy Nelson, but he goes on to talk about all of the injury problems around the league, including the Ravens and Breshad Perriman. Honestly, I’m having a problem keeping up with them. LINK

6 Bold Predictions About the 2015 Fantasy Football Season

Six numberFire writers put together a list of six predictions for the 2015 fantasy football season. JJ Zachariason predicts a surprise leader in the Arizona backfield. Tyler Buecher thinks an AFC North running back not named Le’Veon Bell will be one of the top five running backs. Matt Goodwin thinks a Jets receiver will be in the top 24. Joe Redemann doesn’t expect a repeat performance from a wide receiver who won a lot of fantasy owners championships last season. Jordan Hoover thinks a quarterback who isn’t as good as Joe Flacco will be in the top 6. And Austan Kas has a sleeper for the best running back. LINK

Examing fantasy football impact of Jordy Nelson’s injury

While Barnwell’s article was comprehensive, it didn’t dig deep into the fantasy football impact of Nelson’s injury. This article does just that. Michael Beller of says that only Davante Adams really has a higher value. He doesn’t expect Randall Cobb to see any more targets, and it certainly has a negative effect on Aaron Rodgers. A third receiver may emerge because of the injury, but we have only seen spurts of production behind the top two receivers in the Green Bay offense. The only other impact would be an increase in relative value of elite receivers like Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, A.J. Green, and Julio Jones, among others. LINK

6 Players Worth Reaching for in Your Fantasy Football Drafts

The whole point of researching players and reading fantasy football articles before your draft is to find guys who should have a higher value than they do in their average draft positions around the league. All too often, however, fantasy owners wait around for a guy whom they really like, only to see the player taken right before the fantasy owner would have in the next couple of rounds. Ryan Ward of numberFire gives six players for whom you should reach and when you should reach for them. LINK

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