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Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Pittsburgh Steelers – Foul language, reader discretion advised

In case you’ve never read any of these, Drew Magary of Deadspin puts these together for every team every year. In this edition, Magary tells us why the Pittsburgh Steelers suck. Of course, this is always my favorite edition of the series. If you’re sensitive to foul language and vulgar content, I wouldn’t suggest reading it. LINK

Steelers, Michael Vick agree to deal

Michael Vick’s best trait is his athleticism. It’s what has made him exciting to watch and has made up for what is often poor decision-making and accuracy as a passer. Now that 35-years-old, that athleticism isn’t as evident, and he still isn’t a good passer, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed him anyway. Peter Haley of CSN Mid-Atlantic has the full story. LINK

Wide Receiver Marlon Brown: I Have To Make Up For Lost Time

I’m of the opinion that Marlon Brown’s spot on the roster is not certain. While it’s probable that he stays on the team, he needs to show up as he returns from injury, because Jeremy Butler has had a very good training camp thus far. He says that he’s ready to do that, via Garrett Downing of Baltimore Ravens media. LINK

No sophomore slumps: Michael Campanaro among second-year players to watch

Chris Burke of SI.com thinks that Michael Campanaro is ready to break out in his second season. He is the lone 7th round pick whom Burke selected as a potential candidate for big improvement in 2015. I’m not so sure about that, however. Campanaro has had problems staying on the field, and he didn’t even play in Saturday’s game in Philadelphia. Despite all this (granted, it was written BEFORE Saturday’s game), Burke thinks Campanaro could play a key role out of the slot. LINK

Flacco: 10 wins would be disappointing

The Ravens have typically been the team who wins 10 games to get into the dance, and then they excel in the postseason. This year, Flacco doesn’t want to do that. LINK

Why Your Team Sucks 2015: Cincinnati Bengals – Foul language, reader discretion advised

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love these blogs by Drew Magary. This time, he’s going after the Cincinnati Bengals. Magary wants the Bengals banned from the playoffs because of how spectacularly predictable it is that they fail every single time they get in. I can’t say I blame him. LINK

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