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We recap this week’s best blogs on Russell Street Report. The loss of Terrell Suggs is a huge blow. One fan wonders that Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger would do with Flacco’s receiving corps and offensive line on Sunday. Another fan thinks that the Ravens got what they paid for Sunday because of their lack of playmakers. The signing of Jason Babin brings value on all three downs. Joe Flacco sounds off on the deep ball. We have the Battle Plans for Sunday’s match-up in Oakland. And the Ravens can’t afford an 0-2 start.

Monday – Suggs Loss is a Huge Blow

Tyler Beard may not think that Suggs’ injury will have a big impact on the Ravens, but Ryan Jones disagrees. He says that while replacing his production will be doable, his leadership and swagger is something that cannot be replaced. He says that he brings an edge to the defense that Steve Smith Sr. brings to the offense. LINK

Tuesday – What Would Brady, Rodgers & Ben Do?

Drew Forrester is a Joe Flacco defender, but a friend of his brought up a point that he found hard to argue. Would Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers have put up only 13 points on Sunday even with the putrid play of the offensive line? Drew doesn’t fully agree with the tone of the question, but it got him thinking about it. LINK

Tuesday – Ravens Getting What They Paid For at WR?

Ryan Jones thinks that the Ravens’ offensive struggles shouldn’t surprised anyone – they’re getting what they paid for at wide receiver. This offseason, they made minimal investments at the position, only attacking the need through the draft. With that pick missing time with injuries, there has been a significant drop-off from Torrey Smith to whomever you consider the secondary wide receiver. LINK

Wednesday – Jason Babin Valuable on All 3 Downs

This was the day after the Ravens signed Jason Babin. Our staff was having a company get-together (thanks to Marsh Insurance), so our knee-jerk reactions were a bit delayed. But Ken McKusick (aka Filmstudy) stayed up late to look at the tape to determine just how effective of a player Jason Babin was last year and what that could mean for this season. He likes him a lot more than many seem to, and I trust him. He watches a lot of film. LINK

Thursday – Joe Flacco Sounds Off on Deep Ball

On Thursday, Flacco was a little bit unhappy with the offensive gameplan last Sunday. He expects that the team will try to stretch the field more this upcoming Sunday. That will be a good thing, considering the Raiders’ secondary is very, very bad. LINK

Thursday – Battle Plans: Ravens Must Account for Khalil Mack

Dev Panchwagh’s “Battle Plans” for this week include the employment of more stack releases, which were successful last week. He also thinks that the Ravens need to stretch the seams, as that was an area that was exploited by Tyler Eifert of the Bengals last week. Of course, the biggest thing is that they need to account for the Raiders’ best player, Khalil Mack. On defense, the Ravens will need to check the backs out of the backfield, and Jimmy Smith will be a huge part of shutting down Amari Cooper. LINK

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