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Players around the league admire Steve Smith and were genuinely upset by his injury. Now that Steve Smith is going to miss the rest of the year, the Ravens have no good receivers. Smith might be back next year. Smith reacts to a Baltimore Sun photo of his injured foot. Justin Tucker on the hotline bling. Dean Pees lays into his defense. Carolina Panthers give Smith a shout-out.

Unbeaten and Undressed

In Peter King’s MMQB this week, he talks about Steve Smith’s injury. He was in Cleveland in the locker room talking to the Arizona Cardinals, and he saw their raw reaction to learning the news of his injury. When he told Larry Fitzgerald, he looked suddenly emotional. ““It breaks your heart,” Fitzgerald said. “I just saw him last week on Monday night and the guy, playing through a broken back, is just the ultimate competitor.”

Do the Ravens Have a Viable Threat Outside of Steve Smith?

This was written on Friday, before Steve Smith’s achilles injury. NumberFire writer, John Proctor’s point becomes even stronger after the injury. As a Ravens fan, he knows how Baltimore is lacking in the receiver department, and the numbers back that up. Flacco has had his best seasons with two good options. With Smith going down, the point of this article rings even more true. Already on pace to have his least efficient season besides 2013 and his rookie season, Flacco will struggle the rest of the way without even one good receiver.

Steve Smith could be back next year

Now that we know that Steve Smith will be out for the year, we are all now wondering whether he will stick with his plan and hang up his cleats after the season or he’ll decide to play for another season. Nathan Beaucage of Baltimore Beatdown thinks that if Smith can muster the strength for a comeback, there will certainly be a spot. The Ravens and their fans would welcome it with open arms.

Steve Smith reacts to The Baltimore Sun’s photo on Instagram

Steve Smith reacts to this Baltimore Sun picture on Instagram. You’re right, Steve. I’m no doctor, but your heel definitely isn’t supposed to look like that.

Justin Tucker Hotline Bling

For those who aren’t up-to-date on their pop culture, the Drake “Hotline Bling” video has been in vogue on social media, especially parodies of the video. Justin Tucker’s dance after his game-winning field goal was a recreation of the dance. Here is the original video in the unlikely event that you’re interested.

Carolina Panthers’ official Twitter gives shout-out to Steve Smith

Dean Pees lets his defense have it at halftime

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