Would You Support Greg Hardy as a Raven?

Lombardi's Way Would You Support Greg Hardy as a Raven?

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Greg Hardy is disgusting.

You despise what he stands for.

You curse Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys for enabling such a vile and despicable thug.

You wonder how Roger Goodell can allow Hardy, a man who hardly seems contrite, an opportunity to earn over $675,000 per week.

But boy can he pressure the quarterback.

Consequently, the Cowboys look the other way while the league and its spineless commissioner kowtow to the whims of Dallas’ influential owner.

What kind of message does this send to our children?

How should women, an audience the league hopes to develop, respond to the NFL’s indirect approval of domestic violence?

The league’s hypocrisy is staggering!

Act as a proponent for player safety but play games on Thursday night and champion the ideas of an expanded season and playoff format.

Speak out against domestic violence but allow Hardy to, “come out guns blazin’!”

Both the Cowboys and the league are easy targets from afar. Yet I wonder what the majority of Dallas fans think? Do they support Hardy’s employment, particularly now that the team is 2-6?

What if the Ravens had signed Hardy and he actually made a difference? What if his ability to get to the quarterback was the difference between (2-6) or (5-3)?

Would you support a productive Hardy if he wore purple and black?

This past week we all were exposed to the horrific bruises suffered by Nicole Holder at the hands of Hardy. He said he was sorry.

Talk is cheap. Feigned sincerity even cheaper.

And apparently in the NFL integrity is worthless.

Hardy, even in the face of intense scrutiny, openly argued with teammates. He physically confronted the Cowboys’ special teams coach. He made a mockery of the media. He just doesn’t care because the league’s willingness to look the other way and ignore the potential for more sinister behavior empowers him in the same way a parent might empower a petulant spoiled brat.

There’s no opportunity cost. There’s no incentive to change.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 10.17.43I’m reminded of an old standup routine from comedian Chris Rock during which he mimicked a conversation between a parent and a child about using drugs. The parent implores, “You can’t be anything if you do drugs!”

The child, recalling the re-election of former DC mayor Marion Barry says, “I could be mayor!”

It isn’t hard to imagine a similar conversation about domestic violence between a parent and child thanks to Hardy, the Cowboys and the National Football League.

Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

The Cowboys have taken that mantra a bit too far.

Jerry Jones doesn’t care.

And he probably won’t care when Hardy strikes again, particularly if it helps their TV ratings, fill Jerry World or help the Cowboys win a football game.

Fortunately the Ravens did the right thing. They punished Ray Rice and now the former Raven is making a bigger difference as an ambassador speaking against domestic violence than he ever could as a participant at M&T Bank Stadium.

Lessons learned often come with a price.

Hardy has learned nothing, paid nothing.

Hopefully another woman doesn’t pay with her scars or worse.

Would you support Greg Hardy as a Raven?

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