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Street Talk Stop Comparing Broncos to 2000 Ravens

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REALITY: The Denver Broncos defense is the #1 defense in the NFL in 2015. Some are saying this Denver defense is as good or better than the record-breaking 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense. Bill Cowher said on the CBS pregame show that the 2015 Broncos defense is better than the 2000 Ravens defense. Chuck Pagano said that, next to the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens, he’s not sure that he has ever seen a defense like the one Denver has.

PERCEPTION: Defensive coaches like Cowher and Pagano should know better.

Yards per game
Denver 2015: 274.1
Baltimore 2000: 247.9

Passing yards per game
Denver 2015: 181
Baltimore 2000: 187.3

Rushing yards per game
Denver 2015: 93.1
Baltimore 2000: 60.6

Sacks – 16-game pace
Denver 2015: 60
Baltimore 2000: 35

Interceptions pace
Denver 2015: 18
Baltimore 2000: 23

Fumble recoveries pace
Denver 2015: 16
Baltimore 2000: 26

Defensive TDs pace
Denver 2015: 8
Baltimore 2000: 16

Points per game
Denver 2015: 17.4
Baltimore 2000: 10.3

Now you tell me, do those stats look equal to you? Heck no! The Ravens defensive stats were much better, and they continue to be today. The Ravens 2000 D still hold the record for the fewest points ever in a 16-game season, as well as for the fewest rushing yard in a season.

Not only that, but the Ravens had 5 shutouts in the regular season, including back-to-back shutouts. They also had 3 games when they only allowed one field goal, including two in the playoffs. Their Super Bowl victory was a defensive shutout, as the Giants only scored on a kick-off return.

REALITY: Jacoby Jones played in his first game with the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday.

PERCEPTION: As soon as a player with any name recognition becomes available, fans immediately want them to be signed by their favorite team. But there is a reason they are available  – they just aren’t that good.

Jones was cut by the Chargers because he is not good anymore. He had 4 kick-off returns on Sunday and showed nothing. He muffed the first punt he had a chance to field and lost 3 yards on his second punt return.

He looked old and slow. Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh knew that he would. They didn’t caught up in the emotion or their personal attachment to Jacoby. They made the decision not to sign him with their brains and ignored their hearts.

Fans use their hearts too often.

REALITY: Ravens sign former Towson RB Terrance West to practice squad

PERCEPTION: West was nearly a Raven during the 2014 NFL Draft, but Cleveland jumped ahead of Baltimore and selected him. West rushed for over 650 yards in his rookie season, but was traded this past offseason to Tenneesee. He didn’t fit in there, and he was released Sunday. Now, West has a chance to start over in his hometown.

The Ravens always wanted West and West always wanted to play at home with the Ravens. Now, he will have that chance, but it may have to wait. West will be on the practice squad, not the active roster. The Ravens are pretty set at running back, so this could be a move for the future for the Ravens.

It’s an easy move for the Ravens that has no risk and all reward.

REALITY: The Jacksonsville Jaguars lead their all-time series vs the Baltimore Ravens 10-7.

PERCEPTION: The Jaguars have been a thorn in the Ravens side for a long time. From 1996 to 1999, the Jaguars went 8-0 against the Ravens. From 2000-2003, the Ravens went 6-0 against the Jags.

Baltimore won their last meeting in 2014.

The Jaguars are 16th in the NFL in offense, while the Ravens are 14th.
The Jaguars are 18th in the NFL in defense, while the Ravens are 24th.

Most Ravens fans might think… “ah, it’s the Jags! this should be an easy win.” Well, it could be, but not this season.

Ravens pull it out late 30-27.

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