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Ravens Links Flacco’s First SB Much Better Than Cam’s

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Joe Flacco handles losses much more graciously than Cam Newton. Peyton says he and Eli don’t compare rings, but Eli’s reaction to a major moment in Super Bowl 50 says otherwise. In case you missed the video of Cam Newton being a sore loser, we have that for you. Marshawn Lynch retires in the most Beast Mode way he can. Wade Phillips references Brylcreem. LeSean McCoy allegedly assaulted a couple of off-duty police officers.

Three thoughts on Super Bowl 50 from a Ravens view

Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic lists three takeaways from Super Bowl Sunday, the first of which has to do with Joe Flacco. Cliff observes that Flacco handles losses a whole lot better than Cam Newton. You won’t see him avoiding questions he doesn’t like, nor will you see him appear annoyed while talking to the press. He may not always give the most exciting answers, but he always performs his duty to speak to the media.

More importantly, however, Joe Flacco’s first SB was one of the best performances of his career, and it capped off a historic playoff run. That run was much more fun for us than it was for Panthers fans trying to watch their quarterback do something similar to cap off this postseason. Not even close.

Peyton Manning says he and Eli don’t compare rings

According to Peyton Manning, via Will Brinson of CBS Sports, he and his brother Eli don’t compare Super Bowl rings, but it doesn’t look like Eli is thrilled about his brother winning the Super Bowl if you look at his facial expression after C.J. Anderson scored what amounted to the game-sealing touchdown:

Eli Manning reacts to an important touchdown during Super Bowl 50, in which his brother Peyton won his second championship, tying Eli for the most in the Manning family.

Report: Off-Duty Police Officers Assaulted by LeSean McCoy

The night after Super Bowl 50 was a tough one for Bills RB LeSean McCoy. He was in the Philadelphia area and allegedly, according to 6ABC Action News in Philly, assaulted a couple of off-duty police officers with one of his friends. Neither were arrested, but they are the focus of the investigation.

After Super Bowl loss, Cam didn’t have much to say

Peter Hailey of CSN Mid-Atlantic discusses Cam Newton’s now controversial post-game press conference following the Super Bowl. We had a debate here this week about him. I side more with Derek than I do with my father, Tony, but Cam’s attitude during his presser was surely disappointing. There wouldn’t be so many defending him if it was Tom Brady.

Marshawn Lynch announces his retirement the most Marshawn Lynch way he possibly could

Honestly, who else would do this and is there a more fitting way to announce a retirement from a player who refuses to talk to the media?

Your brutal style of running will be missed, Marshawn. Good luck in retirement!

Wade Phillips, Broncos Defensive Coordinator

I just learned what Brylcreem was this past week, but you don’t usually see tweets this entertaining from coaches in the NFL. This is great.

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