Ravens Franchise Tag Justin Tucker

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Franchise Tag Justin Tucker

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The Ravens franchise tag Justin Tucker, making sure that they have time to work out a long-term deal this offseason. The RSR staff react to the news, first broken by Robert S. Roche, Tucker’s agent.

Brian McFarland

It’s no surprise that the Ravens used Franchise Tag on Tucker, but a bit disappointing that they are apparently so far apart. The Franchise Tag (not set until the Salary Cap is officially set) for a PK will be in the $4.5M range. The sides have until July 15th to reach a long-term deal; otherwise, Tucker plays under the one-year, $4.5M Tag.

The sooner a deal gets done, the better for the Ravens as they will likely gain some much needed Cap space. The first year Cap number on long term deal will likely be $1-2M less than the Tag, so it would be nice to see them work something out by March 9th when the new league year begins (not holding my breath though)

Once done, Tucker can likely expect to become highest or 2nd highest paid PK (Gostkowski is #1). Tucker’s deal will likely fall in the $4.0-4.5M/year range.

Joe Polek

It was going to happen, b/c Tucker is one of the Top 3 kickers in the NFL. This was necessary to keep him on the team until they work out a long-term deal. Good for both parties.

Tyler Lombardi

This is exactly how we all thought this negotiation process would go. The Ravens are ready to take their time and make sure they work out a deal that works for both teams. I would expect the deal to get done before the season starts. This is a great move for both camps. It will be interesting to see whether Tucker’s down year in 2015 will affect his bottom line in any way. The Ravens appear to think so. The two sides have to be far apart if the tag is being used this early.

Drew Forrester

Bad move.

It’s just silly to pay the kicker $4.5 million. Just do what the Steelers did last October when they signed Boswell – and find one of the really good ex-college kickers looking for work and give him $425,000.

I think Tucker’s a helluva kicker, but paying the kicker $4.5 million when your secondary and wide receiving corps stinks is just not smart.

Mark Weingram

This news is not so important for Tucker being tagged, right? Ozzie never wavered on that. It is about the timing relative to the deadline to tag and recent rumors about other negotiations that suggest the Ravens are prepared to perform the cap gymnastics retaining their talent and maneuvering free agency will require.

Tony Lombardi

Hardly a surprise. This tag for now will push the Ravens over the projected $155M cap so there will need to be a corresponding move(s) to be in compliance by March 9 at 4PM. Last season the Patriots tagged kicker Stephen Gostkowski and before the season began they had a long-term deal in place. I expect the same from the Ravens and Justin Tucker.

Kyle Rate

The Ravens still have until July to work out a long term deal, but his salary bump (for now) reduces spending room in free agency. Hopefully we can lock him up long term, but even at the franchise tag price, Tucker won’t represent bad value, as he’s one of the best in the business–the Ravens are lucky to have a clutch kicker of his caliber.

Mike Fast

This is a solid move by Baltimore to make sure Tucker is a Ravens for at least 2016. The Ravens want him long-term and I’m sure Tucker wants to be here long-term, but business is business and that kind of deal can’t just be thrown together.

In the meantime, this move further highlights the need to cut cap space wherever possible so as to A) Get under the cap, and B) Create as momentum as possible to re-sign Osemele.

Ryan Jones

The only thing that’s a a little surprising is the fact that the sides were too far apart to get a long term deal done. The market for top kickers is pretty straight forward.

Regardless, the Ravens and Tucker will still likely reach an extension given the Ravens history with the franchise tag.

Kyle Casey

An inevitable move. Tucker will at least be a Raven for 2016, but I expect the team to finalize a new long-term deal with him before the season. Next move: re-sign Morgan Cox to keep the Wolfpack together.

Dev Panchwagh

This isn’t a surprise move at all. Kickers may be overlooked at times, but for a team like the Ravens that are in so many close games, Tucker’s value can’t be overstated. He’s the most clutch kicker in the game right now. This organization has felt the sting of not having a reliable kicker. Given Tucker’s age and consistency, it’s a no-brainer to keep him long-term. The tricky part of this negotiation will be figuring out where Tucker’s contract value truly lies. Although it’s easy to say he’ll get Gostkowski money, that’s still a large chunk of change. Ultimately, the Ravens will probably have to pony up close to $20 million to keep Tucker, but hopefully he gives them somewhat of a hometown discount.

Ken McKusick

I actually like the option value of the tag. The poor FG percentage (who ever thought 82.5% would be poor) in 2015 is primarily a usage issue. However, to be worth the top kicking contract in the game, he needs to get back to making at least 2/3 of his 50+ kicks (the rest of the league went 100/150 in 2015 from 50+) and do so with a longer average attempt distance. An underappreciated Tucker value is the impact his high touchback rate has in reducing special teams injury risk.

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