With the 6th Pick, the Ravens Select…

Bold Predictions With the 6th Pick, the Ravens Select…

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RSR writers put together their bold predictions for the draft tonight. Who is the pick? Do they stay at 6 or do they move back? Are there any surprises?

Mike Fast

The Ravens not only take the best player available, but the best player in the draft: Laremy Tunsil

I see the first five picks going: Goff, Wentz, Ramsey, Bosa, and Jack. From there, Tunsil and DeForest Buckner are the two main candidates for Baltimore’s selection. If a team like Chicago wants to trade up to get Tunsil, I could see the Ravens accepting that deal and going with Vernon Hargreaves, Noah Spence, or Kevin Dodd.

Tyler Lombardi

1.) The Ravens make the selection at about 8:30, but Roger Goodell doesn’t announce the pick until around 8:50. Damn formalities.
2.) The Myles Jack knee situation can no longer be disregarded a smokescreen. Jack even admitted that it would require further surgery down the line. Consider me completely off the Myles Jack hype train. He falls to the second round.
3.) The Ravens select the second tackle off the board (Chargers take Ronnie Stanley), Laremy Tunsil.
4.) Noah Spence either goes in the top 15 or falls to the Steelers causing me stomp around my living room like an eight-year-old who dropped his ice cream.
5.) The Ravens move back into the end of the 1st round and select Karl Joseph.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Here’s how I see the top 5 playing out:

1. Rams- Carson Wentz (take that consensus media opinion!)
2. Eagles- Jared Goff (they’ll pretend they wanted him all along, while they hide their Wentz jerseys)
3. Chargers- Jalen Ramsey (Ravens fans all mumble choice 4-letter words)
4. Cowboys- Joey Bosa
5. Jags- DeForest Buckner (so much for that)

Mississippi Rebels offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil (78) lines up in position during an NCAA college football game against the LSU Tigers at Tiger Stadium on Saturday, October 25, 2014 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. LSU won 10-7.

AP Photo/Aaron M. Sprecher

That leaves the Ravens 3 legit options: Laremy Tunsil or trade back. I’m confident-ish enough to say they nab Tunsil at 6. Is it the sexiest pick? Absolutely not, but Tunsil gives the team an instant OL starter who, as of 3 weeks and 2 trades ago, was slated the #1 overall pick in the draft.

A few other bold predictions:

-Denver jumps up into the mid-1st round to grab QB Paxton Lynch ahead of the Jets.
-Joey Bosa falls out of the top 10.
-Laquon Treadwell will NOT be the 1st WR off the board (Fuller or Doctson).
-5 cornerbacks will go in the 1st round (Ramsey, Hargreaves, Apple, Jackson, Alexander).
-Whoever Pittsburgh take at 25, the broadcast team will act like it’s the biggest steal of Round 1, as per every year.

Ken McKusick

Myles Jack drops out of the top 10…way out. I think some team may take a chance between 15 and 20, but too much of his initial contract is up in the air with this knee injury and there will be a high option risk on year 5 which will reduce the back-end value of the deal.

Vernon Hargreaves also drops out of the top 10, but is still the 2nd DB taken after Ramsey.

In his mock draft, Mike Mayock had the Ravens trading down from 6 to 15 to pick up the 33rd pick in the draft despite the fact Tunsil was still available. Were the Ravens to do that, I’d be very upset.

In order of players I want for the Ravens at #6:

1. Ramsey
2. Tunsil
3. Buckner
4. Bosa

This is a case where I would be very happy with any of those 4.

Brian McFarland

The tipping point for the Ravens is the Chargers at #3.

If they take Tunsil, the Ravens are likely to be picking either Bosa or Buckner (w/ slight – very slight – chance that Ramsey is still there) at #6.

If the Chargers go with Ramsey, the Ravens will have their choice of their preferred LT at #6.

Ohio St. DE Joey Bosa takes down the quarterback.

USA Today

If the Chargers go Buckner or Stanley, the Ravens could conceivably have their choice of Ramsey or Tunsil.

Even if someone trades up into the 3-5 spots to spoil the above scenarios, the Ravens are in prime position to get one of Ramsey, Tunsil, Bosa or Buckner (or Jack). Because of that, I don’t see them trading down, unless someone overwhelms them with an offer.

Best case scenario: Ramsey or Tunsil
“Worst” case: Buckner or Bosa

I wouldn’t complain about either.

Brian Bower

The Chargers hold the key to the Ravens draft at pick number 3 and will set the tone for how players begin to come off the board. I am not expecting much in the way of trades and believe the teams, including the Ravens stick to their draft position. Ozzie and company will walk away with Buckner or Myles Jack.

Kyle Casey

The Ravens stay put at 6 and erupt into celebration when Laremy Tunsil is still on the board. It will be a no-brainer.

The Ravens then go bold and move up from the 36th pick to grab a late 1st (27-31 range) to select a cornerback or wide receiver, especially if a player like William Jackson III or one of the second-tier receivers is available. Moving up 5-8 spots wouldn’t cost the Ravens too much and would give them a second five-year contract to work with.

Some non-Ravens predictions:

Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell reaches out to make a catch overtop of a DB in the endzone.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

-Despite hype surrounding Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg and Cardale Jones, Memphis QB Paxton Lynch will be the only other first round QB after Goff/Wentz.
-Ezekiel Elliott does not make it past the 8th overall pick.
– Derrick Henry goes top 25.
– Baylor DT Andrew Billings comes off the board earlier than expected and doesn’t make it out of the top 20.
– Four wide receivers are first round picks: Treadwell, Doctson, Coleman and either Michael Thomas or Will Fuller.

Tony Lombardi

Two of the Ravens’ most coveted players begin to slide (Laremy Tunsil and Myles Jack) and as they do it will be hard to resist the strong overtures from the Miami Dolphins who desperately want to move up in the draft to select Ezekiel Elliott after the Cowboys take a pass on the premier Ohio State tailback, opting instead for his teammate Joey Bosa.

In the trade the Ravens get the 13th overall pick and the 42nd overall pick. The Ravens, with Tunsil long gone, will use that 13th pick to select Myles Jack who will drop dramatically due to fears about right knee cartilage.

Ozzie won’t put down the trading cap just yet.

He’ll then package the 36th overall pick and the 70th overall pick and send them to the Houston Texans to move back into the first round to select Noah Spence at No. 22.

The Ravens war room should be ecstatic over their Day 1 haul but the enthusiasm will be tempered by their glaring need for an offensive tackle given the uncertainties of Eugene Monroe. Keep the name of Germain Ifedi in mind on Day 2.

Ryan Jones

A name that you haven’t heard linked to the Ravens much is Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd. Floyd is a first round pick for sure, but until recently he’s been projected to go somewhere between 15-25. Floyd, however, is a player who seems to be climbing up draft boards in recent days.

As teams are growing more skeptical of Myles Jack’s knee, Floyd may be the biggest beneficiary. The biggest concern with him is his thin frame, but he put on some significant weight before the combine and didn’t seem to lose any of his explosiveness.

Recent reports say the Giants who hold the 10th pick are in love with him. The Ravens, though, are in desperate need of young pass rushers and could be a perfect fit for Floyd. With Tunsil and Jack still on the board the Ravens surprise everyone and take the former Bulldog.

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