Ravens Select Ronnie Stanley at 6

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Select Ronnie Stanley at 6

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With the sixth pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame.

Tyler Lombardi

I would much rather this pick have been Laremy Tunsil. The video is a bad look, sure, but his ceiling is much higher than Stanley’s. Still, I’d rather the pick be DeForest Buckner. This pick was forced by a glaring need at the tackle position with the unreliability of Eugene Monroe. He forced the Ravens’ hand. And so did Tunsil and his ridiculous video. You can smoke all the weed you want, just don’t get caught…or make a ridiculously stupid video of it.

Clearly, that stupidity got to the Ravens.

Brian Bower

The Ravens take the safe pick with the selection of Ronnie Stanley. Stanley is strong in the run game and pass pro with RT and LT experience. Eugene Monroe’s days are numbered in Baltimore.

Ken McKusick

Mayock likes him a lot. I think he’s a stretch at 6, but I like how he speaks and all the reports about his feet. I can’t help but feel the pot-smoking video of Tunsil played a significant role in this pick.

Tunsil’s toking is a heartbreaking development for the Ravens. The OL needs are enormous, but I think Buckner would have made more sense.

Kyle Casey

A tremendous pass protector but consistently inadmirable as a run blocker. Perhaps the Ravens wanted to go with the more “safe” off-field prospect which led to the choice of Stanley over Tunsil.

Silver lining: Eugene Monroe’s tenure in Baltimore is finally over.

Adam Bonaccorsi

I don’t get this pick. Ravens don’t pick for a need, they go best player available. I, for one, cannot believe Stanley was ranked above Buckner or Jack (knee issue pending of course). Stanley seems ‘safe’ and not worthy of a top-10 pick in my eyes.

This pick is the equivalent of taking a girl on a date to a fancy dinner, and getting a hug to end the night. Complete disappointment.

Ryan Jones

It’s not often that early mock drafts are accurate, but that was certainly the case with Stanley.

I’m probably in the minority but I’m relieved the Ravens took Stanley over Laremy Tunsil. Aside from the bizarre video that was released five minutes before the draft Tunsil had too much off the field baggage.

Stanley may bore fans, it’s certainly not the most exciting pick, but considering Eugene Monroe’s lack of reliability a solid player like Stanley is a good pick.

Joe Polek

This pick was a shock, but after the Tunsil video, not much of one. The Ravens couldn’t afford that and did the right thing by choosing the more reliable guy. He will help to anchor the offensive line.

Nadeem Kureishy

The Ravens get a solid Left Tackle that will protect Flacco against the likes of Kruger, Johnson and Jones. Monroe has been in and out of the starting lineup ever since he signed the big contract a couple of years ago. Stanley will solidify the position. The Ravens no longer have to worry about James Hurst protecting Flacco’s blind side with Monroe out. Great pick by Baltimore.

Brian McFarland

While the trades up for the QBs at 1 and 2 were good for us, several other things conspired against us:

1. SD takes Bosa instead of Buckner
2. Jack’s knee issue

Both of these removed them from SD’s consideration and took Ramsey off board a pick before Ravens.

I think the definitely wanted Bosa or Ramsey, but once that happened – and Tunsil imploded – Stanley was clearly their best option. They took the clock down to the end, so I have to figure they tried to trade out, but couldn’t find the value they were looking for.

They’re done with Monroe, so they needed a LT and weren’t likely to find a viable starter after the 1st round. It’s a solid pick; a pick that needed to be made.



For those curious about the Tunsil video, here it is:


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