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Knee-Jerk Reactions DE Judon & Keenan Reynolds in Rounds 5&6

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In the 5th round, the Ravens selected DE Matt Judon out of Grant Valley St. In the 6th round, they selected Keenan Reynolds, who played quarterback at Navy and projects into the NFL at receiver. With their last pick in the draft at the end of the 6th round, they selected Maurice Canady, CB out of Virginia. The Russell Street Report staff reacts.

Ken McKusick

Matt Judon: I like the fact the Ravens trusted their small-school scouting yet again. Judon was a man among boys at Grand Valley State. I hope he ends up following Lardarius Webb and Brandon Williams as a pro success from the Ravens deep-dive scouting.

Keenan Reynolds is an exciting playmaker who will work his butt off to find the largest possible role at the NFL level. Amazingly, the Ravens selected the #1 and #2 all-time TD leaders in FBS history with Reynolds (91) and Dixon (88), which goes back to 1956. The last time I can recall the Ravens drafted 2 exciting offensive players in the same draft was in 2000, when they drafted Jamal Lewis and Travis Taylor in round 1.

Tyler Lombardi

The Ravens turned their second round pick into a Kamalei Correa, Chris Moore, and Matt Judon. On the edge, they get a player with raw potential in the 5th round. The difference with Judon is that he has already produced at a high level, just at an FCS program. Time will tell whether he can translate it to the NFL. On the surface, though, it looks like the Ravens turned in a chance at Noah Spence, a player who isn’t perfect notwithstanding his character issues. I still wish the Ravens would have grabbed him, but I can rest easier knowing they grabbed a player with a high ceiling in addition to the more reliable Correa.

Keenan Reynolds may be the most fun pick in this draft. Reynolds likens himself to Antwaan Randle El. The similarities are obvious. Randle El also had experience at quarterback and was a great returner during his time in the NFL. The Steelers weren’t afraid to use him on gadget plays, either. Maybe the Ravens can do the same with Reynolds.

Ryan Jones

The Judon pick is an intriguing one. Looking at his highlight reel, it’s hard not to get excited. Early expectations should be tempered. He’s considered somewhat of a small school project at this point. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how he matches up against better competition.

Steve Bisciotti has been pounding the table for more pass rushers and he got them in this year’s draft.

As for Reynolds, the Ravens take high character guys with their first and second to last pick. There was a sign hanging in the Ravens draft room that said “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” It’s clearly something they put an emphasis on in this draft.

As far as Reynolds on the field his best way to earn a roster spot might be as a return man. One thing is for sure, the Ravens will get his best, day in and day out.

Brian Bower

Matt Judon could perhaps turn out to be the best player drafted by the Ravens in 2016. One that could make fans forget all about Noah Spence or Myles Jack. While playing at Grand Valley State, Judon led all of college football last year with sacks, and recorded 51.5 in his career. One of my favorite picks in this draft.

Nice story for Reynolds and the Ravens who could be used as a slot receiver or perhaps punt returner depending on what the Navy allows him to do. Impressive division one record setting 88 touchdowns but not sure just how much Ravens will get out of him.

Maurice Canady is a work in progress from the University of Virginia. Has outstanding size for the position however is raw. He isn’t an ideal pick to improve the Ravens secondary. He gave up 10 touchdowns vs. three interceptions over last two seasons, but that’s probably why he was available in the 6th round.

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