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Ravens Links Ray Lewis’ Story of the Number 52

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Ray recalls re-tearing his triceps the night before the Super Bowl. We also recall Ray Lewis’ story of the meaning behind his number 52. Weddle is comfortable with the Ravens already. What we can expect from Navy QB Reynolds. The sanctions to the Ravens expose the coaches squeeze by the NFL. Monroe isn’t bothered by the Ravens’ response to his marijuana research advocacy.

Ray Lewis re-tore his triceps the night before Super Bowl XLVII

According to Ray Lewis, he re-tore his tricep and couldn’t sleep. To deal with the pain, he simply tied a shoestring to a fire spigot so his arm would stay in the air while he slept. No big deal. You can read the transcript from Kyle Barber of Baltimore Beatdown at the link or you can watch it in his presentation below (17:55) . He also tells the story of the number 52 (13:30). You’ve probably heard the story before, but you may not have heard the reason he did it.

“I grabbed this deck of cards, and I flipped a 7. And I started doing seven push-ups. I flipped a 6; I did six. I flipped a 9; I did nine. I flipped a 2; I did two. I flipped another 9; I did nine until I got all the way through the deck. Jack, Queen, King worth 10. Aces – 25 and Jokers – 50. Until I got sick and tired of what pain felt like in my gut…I shuffled them all over again, and I started doing sit-ups. I wanted to make sure sports wasn’t the reason I started training. It was to make sure another man never put his hands on my mama…

10 years, I picked up this deck of cards. And one day, I counted them. And I found out there were 52 of them in the deck of cards. And I turned my greatest pain into, in my business, the greatest achievement ever. To touch the Lombardi trophy. And ironically, my number ended up being 52.”

What can the Ravens expect from rookie Keenan Reynolds?

In the last topic of his “Daily Focus” two days ago, Sam Monson looks at what Keenan Reynolds could bring to the table. He discusses how, given what he accomplished and was asked to do at Navy, Reynolds’ skills look like a fit at running back. But given his size limitations, the Ravens are right to fit him in as a slot receiver and return man.

Eric Weddle Transforming Ravens Defense With Infectious Energy And Deceptive Play

Sarah Ellison of Ravens Media gives insight into how Eric Weddle has meshed with the Ravens secondary thus far. Things seem like they’re going pretty well. His personality matches what John Harbaugh looks for in a player. Harbaugh praised Ozzie for the signing because of that. Ellison says Weddle “appears to be the leader that Baltimore has been searching for.” While it may be early to make a claim like that for certain (which Sarah didn’t), things are looking up for the back end of the defense.

Baltimore Ravens sanctions expose NFL coaches squeeze

Andrew Brandt is the business writer for MMQB. He covered the lockout extensively in 2011, so he knows the ins and outs of the CBA quite well. He doesn’t believe that the Ravens weren’t aware of the league rules regarding padded practices for rookie OTAs, but he does sympathize with coaches. They weren’t exactly well-represented during the lockout negotiations in 2011.

Ravens Eugene Monroe not worried about NFL future over his stance on medical marijuana

Eugene Monroe might not have the support of the team when it comes to his fight for marijuana research as it relates to head trauma, but that doesn’t bother him. Jamison Hensley relays Monroe’s message from an appearance on SportsCenter. He says that he has plenty of support from players in the locker room. That’s a revelation that should surprise no one. If you haven’t already, you should also read Mark Weingram’s take on this topic at the link below.

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