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The best AFC North rivalry is still Ravens-Steelers. Sapp arrogantly explains why he doesn’t appreciate Jernigan wearing his number. Yanda only Raven of 2015 to make top 100 list. Correa gives a go at inside linebacker. Aiken should not be forgotten in WR2 competition. Ravens have a few Comeback Player of the Year candidates.

Steelers players pick Ravens over Bengals as their top rival

For years, the Bengals were the red-headed stepchild of the division. They couldn’t consistently compete with the top dogs of the division, and they weren’t in the playoffs very often. Then, a non-metaphorical redhead came along to quarterback Cincinnati’s football team, and they haven’t missed the playoffs since. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re perceived as the top divisional threat, and they certainly aren’t a part of the best AFC North rivalry. As Jeremy Fowler of ESPN tells us, both Stephon Tuitt and Markus Wheaton say that the Steelers’ biggest rival is Baltimore. Their reason?

The Ravens have gotten the better of them lately.

You’re damn right they have, Stephon.

Steelers LB amps up Bengals rivalry with joke about dead Cincinnati Zoo gorilla

Vince Williams’ Twitter game is strong. First, to put down a player he thought injured his running back on purpose, Williams physically threatened him. Now, he has this to say about Harambe, the gorilla who died this past weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo.

A now-deleted tweet from Steelers LB Vince Williams about the deceased Cincinnati Zoo gorilla, Harambe.

via CBS Sports

John Breech of CBS Sports will explain what the backlash was like. Hint: not good.

Sapp Details Opposition To Jernigan Wearing No. 99

This has been such a weird story. Last week, Timmy Jernigan said he was changing his number to 99 to honor Warren Sapp. Which confused everyone, considering Sapp’s now terrible reputation. It even confused Sapp himself, and he tweeted this.

What a d-bag. Anyway, he offered a less-than-stellar explanation for the whole thing to Pewter Report. He says it’s because Jernigan hasn’t reached out to him since being drafted even though they’ve exchanged numbers. Maybe, just maybe, he was turned off to actually reaching out to you, Warren, because you acted as self-important as you are now?

Ravens Yanda, Weddle Make NFL Top 100 NFL Players List

Pete Prisco included just two Ravens in his top 100 list. Two. Out of 100. After a down year, that isn’t surprising. Some will argue that C.J. Mosley deserves to be on the list, but I’d disagree. While he had a stellar rookie campaign, his sophomore season wasn’t up to snuff. Yanda makes the list at #15. That one sounds about right. Whenever an interior lineman can make a list like this in the top 20, you know he’s doing something right.

Ravens Giving Kamalei Correa A Look At Inside Linebacker

I’m not so sure about this one. It looks like the Ravens are trying 2nd-round pick, Kamalei Correa at inside linebacker. My thought would be that they put Correa at inside linebacker to help him with his biggest flaw – overzealousness in the run game. He’s often too quick to get up the field against the run, putting himself out of plays headed in his direction. Maybe putting him at inside linebacker will help him learn to read the development of plays better. Ryan Mink of Ravens Media tells us Harbaugh’s and Correa’s thoughts on the matter.

Ravens wide receiver Kamar Aiken should be forgotten no more

The talk of the town at the wide receiver position has been Breshad Perriman. We’re all excited to see what he can do after sitting out his rookie season. Mike Wallace is equally as intriguing. Coming off a down year in Minnesota, his speed matched with Flacco’s arm could make for huge play opportunities. But the receiver who isn’t getting any love, Kamar Aiken, should be the one who lines up across from Steve Smith to start the season, says Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun.

Ravens may have several vying for Comeback Player of the Year

During the deep, deep offseason, we get to ponder many questions. This year, most of them make us anxious. Will Flacco return to form after his injury? Will he be just as comfortable in the pocket? Can Suggs be as effective after the second Achilles injury of his career? Can Steve Smith continue being an ageless wonder after the same injury as Suggs at the age of 37? All of these are significant questions, but they all open up an opportunity. Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic overviews their chances of winning the Comeback Player of the Year award.

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