Justin Tucker’s Bachelorette Watch Party

The Fanimal Justin Tucker’s Bachelorette Watch Party

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ABC’s The Bachelor and its spin-off, The Bachelorette have become two of the most successful reality shows in history. In it, an eligible man or woman starts by dating over 25 interested singles all at the same time. Each week, men or women are eliminated at a “rose ceremony” where a finite number of roses are handed out to the men or women the Bachelor/Bachelorette wants to stay around. Those who don’t receive a rose are eliminated. The entire franchise has created the concept of the Bachelor and Bachelorette watch party.

And one of those watch parties was hosted at Justin Tucker‘s house last night.

@bacheloretteabc watch party with Joe, Dennis, Nick, and Dan ?? #squadgoals #TheBachelorette #TeamChad

A photo posted by Justin Tucker (@jtuck9) on

…I’m speechless. I can’t believe this is a thing. Five grown men, all professional football players, watching Joelle Fletcher‘s search for love. Together. Not with their wives. Not with their girlfriends. Just them.

I’m sure that most of you recognize Justin Tucker, Joe Flacco, and Dennis Pitta (left to center). On the far right, that is Daniel Brown. If you recall, he was the one who made the big play in Miami that was called back for a phantom offensive pass interference penalty. Next to him is suspended TE Nick Boyle.

Here is where you would expect me to make fun of a bunch of grown men watching such a ridiculously scripted, overly produced search for love. I would do that…but I watch the show myself. So I know exactly what Justin Tucker is talking about when he writes #TeamChad.

If you’re not a member of #BacheloretteNation (I wouldn’t suggest it), then you probably don’t know that Chad is a controversial character. You see, Chad is like…Colin Cowherd. Sure, he’s usually right, but he makes his point in the most condescending, douchey way possible to a point where you couldn’t possibly take his side.

This about sums him up.

So Tucker is rooting for the antagonist, which is what I have to do to make those shows even slightly watchable. It’s not the least bit entertaining without the threat of a fight every 10 minutes. I’m sure that’s why Tucker and the rest of this small Ravens’ Bachelorette watch party is #TeamChad.

…Is it training camp yet?

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