NFL Listening to Monroe on Cannabis

Ravens Links NFL Listening to Monroe on Cannabis

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The NFL is beginning to listen to Monroe’s cannabis cause. The other Harbaugh brings his satellite camp to Baltimore. The Ravens react to the death of Muhammad Ali. Baltimore is absent from top 100. There are five storylines to watch as OTAs are underway. Something magic is happening with the Orioles.

Ravens lineman pushing marijuana on the NFL

This offseason, Eugene Monroe has become the first player to publicly advocate for marijuana as a medical alternative. We’ve both been critical and supportive of his manner of advocacy here at RSR, but we all appreciate the cannabis cause, or any other cause that has potential to help the future health of NFL players.

He further pushed his cause to the Washington Post, and it looks like the NFL is starting to become more receptive. A Ravens team doctor approached Monroe recently to ask about what he has learned about cannabis. The NFL’s senior VP for player health and safety has reached out to the research organization Monroe has helped fund.

Regardless of what you think of the way Monroe has handled this whole thing, it looks like he has actually helped to advance this cause. Adam Kilgore has the full story.

Jim Harbaugh brings satellite camp to city

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is on a month-long trip around the world for satellite camps. Yesterday, his camp was held at Patterson Park’s Utz Twardowicz Field, according to Jake Lourim of The Baltimore Sun. Maryland coach DJ Durkin was in attendance and so were the head coaches of Towson, Navy, and Stevenson. Brother John came later after OTAs were finished. Jim was the main attraction, though, honoring Baltimore’s biggest hero from each of the two major sports by wearing their jerseys.

(h/t Sarah Ellison)

But of course he was still rocking his signature khakis.

Late For Work 6/6: John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis React To Passing Of Muhammad Ali

Perhaps the greatest connection the Ravens have to any athlete outside of the organization is the one to Muhammad Ali. The team motto back in Harbaugh’s first year, 2008 was, “What’s our name?” which is inspired Ali’s fight with Ernie Terrell, who refused to accept Ali’s new faith-inspired name. Read Harbaugh’s Ray Lewis‘, and Torrey Smith‘s take on Ali in Sarah Ellison’s Late For Work yesterday.

Why haven’t any Baltimore Ravens been selected to the Top 100 yet?

Isaac Campbell of Baltimore Beatdown looks at all of the Ravens who could have made the top 100 and realizes that there is a case against every Raven. After going through players 51-100, no Ravens have made the list, but will any Ravens make the list at all? It doesn’t look good. Yanda came in at #79 last year. Everyone knows he’s better than that, but players are like fans – they find offensive linemen boring. Only three have made the list so far. Outside of Yanda, I can’t imagine anyone else is deserving of a top 50 spot, either.

Five storylines to watch with Ravens back at OTAs

What should you be looking for as the Ravens go to OTAs? It’s hard to get anything out of this time of year, but Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic has a few things for you to watch.

And in baseball news…

Word on the Street: Something Magic is Happening

Don’t look now, but the Orioles are starting to heat up again. In the past six games, they’ve scored 6 runs or more in the 6th inning or later. That’s quite an accomplishment, and as Derek Arnold says (and writes), shows that Orioles Magic is alive and well.

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