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Ravens Links Weird Jernigan-Sapp Saga Continues

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Jernigan continues weird Warren Sapp saga. Richardson ready to start his HOF career. Gillmore calls Ravens TEs the best. Neighbors in kiddie pools near ‘Skins OTAs should watch out. Dan Brown’s interesting Twitter bio. The Orioles sweep the Royals aside.

Timmy Jernigan to be ‘bigger person’ when it comes to Warren Sapp

This has been such a strange saga. First, Timmy Jernigan says he’s changing his number to 99 to honor the highly disgraced Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp. Then, Sapp tweeted his objections. He explained that Jernigan has never reached out to him, so why would he honor him without at least calling him up? Because you’re only supposed to honor people you know on a personal level, I guess.

Anyway, Jernigan is fine with Sapp not wanting any part of it. “Every now and then, you come across those type of people in life,” Jernigan said. “I just can’t worry about that. I’m not worried about that guy. I’m not changing my number. And if you don’t want it to be about him, it doesn’t have to. At the end of the day, it’s just a number.”

I guess no one told Jernigan that the person he’s trying to honor is trying to rise the ranks of the NFL jerkwad list. 99 is a cool number. At least Jernigan has that going for him.

Richardson says he’s determined to make chance with Ravens count

Trent Richardson says he wasn’t in the right place to play football coming out college. “As a person at that time, mentally (I) wasn’t stable enough to play football, for any level,” Richardson said. I’m sure Trent had plenty going on in his life and that it was tough to deal with, but everyone has issues outside of the workplace. You just need to set them aside when you go to work. Hopefully, Richardson can do that the next time he faces the adversity that all of us have to face at one time or another.

Richardson goes on to talk about his career aspirations – the Hall of Fame. You do you, T-Rich, but I’m not holding my breath. He’s got one man on his side, at least!

Crockett Gillmore returns to tight end group he calls “best in the NFL”

To continue on the carried-away takes from players, Crockett Gillmore has something to say about this year’s group of tight ends. Yes, the Ravens will be running out a solid group of tight ends with both veteran and young talent. But the best in the league? No, it’s not. That honor goes to Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett in New England.

It could, however, be the deepest unit in the league. But that won’t matter as much once the season starts. They might have to get rid of one of them.

RGIII Says He’s Throwing Passes Into Neighbors’ Yards Because He Cares

Ravens fans will see Robert Griffin III twice this year if his paper skin doesn’t tear. If he gets chased out of the pocket and throws the ball away in any of those games, it looks like fans in the first few rows of the stands will need to watch out. According to via Deadspin, RGIII has been told to throw the ball away more, so he’s trying to practice that. Some of his throwaways have landed in neighbors’ yards. That seems…excessive. Try to keep those passes away from the neighbors’ heads there, Robert.

Daniel Brown’s Twitter bio says he’s a tight end

As Reddit’s reedsgreyhair pointed out, Daniel Brown is listed as a tight end. Apparently, we love that position. We can’t get enough. We have Darren Waller, Dennis Pitta, Ben Watson, Maxx Williams, and Crockett Gillmore. What’s one more? I can’t see where Dan Brown fits on the roster either way, but it would be most shocking to see him make it at quite possibly the most crowded position on the roster.

In baseball news…

Series Notebook: Royals Swept Aside

What a great series it was! We saw everything. We saw a comeback win after a silent day of hitting on Monday. We saw an explosion of hitting on Tuesday and a mound-rush from Manny Machado after Yordana Ventura continued to show that he’s, in PG terms, a punk-rear-end female dog. And then Wednesday, we watched a combined shut-out performance from Chris Tillman and Brad Brach. And against the second-most obnoxious team in baseball no less!

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