Ravens Release OT Eugene Monroe

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Release OT Eugene Monroe

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Brian Bower

Bon Voyage to a player that couldn’t stay healthy and bashes his employer in public. While it remains to be seen whether or not the Ravens will be better off without Monroe, they certainly can’t be any worse with Ronnie Stanley now manning the blind side.

Tyler Lombardi

I should be disappointed in the Ravens for the way they treated Monroe and his cause. I should be disappointed that only Bisciotti seemed to give credit to Monroe for standing up for his cause. The overuse of opioids in football the attention is a big problem, and Monroe is right to speak out on the issue.

But Monroe hinted that he was finished with the NFL. He called out the Ravens in the most public of manners, on Twitter, for distancing themselves from him and his cause, when the owner had shown public appreciation for it. He probably thinks that’s the reason he’s gone.

You’re being released, Eugene, because of your me-first attitude. The Ravens were tired of paying you top tackle money when you couldn’t even stay on the field. That’s why you’re leaving the Ravens. Not your cause.

Monroe will become a great advocate for this issue, and I have full faith in him to advance the cause. But it seems like he should do so while wearing an Armani suit rather than a Nike uniform.

Ryan Jones

I don’t know if the Ravens are better off in 2016 without Monroe, but at the end of the day he left them no choice. Whether it was refusing to restructure his contract, his inability to stay healthy, or his advocacy of medical marijuana, Monroe contributed nothing on the field and recently became a distraction off of it. The Ravens clearly feel confident in Ronnie Stanley being able to hold down Joe Flacco‘s blindside as a rookie, and for Joe and his surgically repaired knee’s sake I sure hope they’re right.

Tony Lombardi

The writing has been on the wall for Monroe for some time. Most teams have that aloof loner in their locker room and for the Ravens it was the King of Cannabis. If Ozzie could have secured anything, even a case of adhesive tape or a yard of sod for this former football player (let’s face it … he really doesn’t want to play anymore), it may have been his biggest coup since plucking Adalius Thomas in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

But with his bloated salary, lack of dependability and his all-consuming crusade for medicinal marijuana in the NFL (not a knock on the cause), trading him for anything was next to impossible. He cost the Ravens a 4th and a 5th round pick when he actually wanted to play and then he was vastly less expensive. But now, he has 3 years remaining on a contract that is far beyond his level of play.

The Giants were said to be interested and because Monroe is a vested veteran he is free to sign with any club. The G-Men can now sign the enigmatic part-time tackle without sacrificing a pick and for far fewer Benjamins.

Maybe the Ravens can give him a boo boo bunny as a going away present? Or should they get him Laremy Tunsil’s gas mask bong being auctioned on eBay?

Derek Arnold

I support Eugene Monroe‘s cause. I wish he could have advocated for it in a way that didn’t seem to simultaneously drag his employer through the mud, or at the very least treat his main job as an afterthought.

Here’s to Mr. Stanley proving immediately that he’s up to the task of protecting Joe Flacco’s blind side. Coming off the first major injury of his life, there’s the chance that Joe is a bit jumpy anyway – will it be worse because he’s counting on an unproven rookie to hold off the opponent’s premier edge rusher? Time will tell.

Mark Weingram

Although I was disappointed with the way the Ravens treated Monroe’s advocacy of medical marijuana, there is no disputing his lack of availability to the team. The Ravens absolutely need someone playing LT on whom they can rely.

There is every reason to believe that Ronnie Stanley can be the blind-side protector Joe Flacco deserves. But even a generational talent like Jonathan Ogden spent a year at guard before ascending to that position. Other than possibly five regrettable minutes during a special teams drill (assuming he was on the field for that time), no one has seen Stanley practice against even entry-level NFL talent in pads.

The Ravens gave up two draft picks for Monroe, and then invested a lot of money in a new contract. That is all a sunk cost I grant, but as a post-June 1 cut, they will now pay an estimated $4.4 million next year to continue not having Monroe on the roster. Per our own RSR contract information, only $1.5 million of Monroe’s salary was guaranteed for injury this year. So why not just run him out there for minicamp and training camp (increasing his trade value if he is healthy and productive), make an informed decision about how the O line is shaping up otherwise, and then jettison him (by cut or trade) during normal cutdowns?

Adam Bonaccorsi

Here’s a thought: when you get up tomorrow morning, get on social media and gripe about your company publicly. Then gripe about your specific ‘team.’ Then don’t even show up to work. Then refuse a restructured contract after excessive absences and lack of performance.

Does your boss keep you employed?

I’d put my money on a swift kick in the butt followed by that ‘wiping my hands of this mess’ gesture.

Adios, Monroe!

Ken McKusick

It’s appeared to me since even before the draft of Stanley that Monroe was looking to be released. I don’t think there are greener pastures for him unless he’s going to take the Ricky Williams route.

The similarities between Monroe and Gaither are stark:

– Both came at relatively low cost for a left tackle. Gaither was a supplemental 5th and Monroe acquired for a 4th and a 5th, but with a 1st-round salary.

– Each had an outstanding first year as a starter for the Ravens (Gaither in 2008 and Monroe in 2013)

– Both campaigned unapologetically for the use of marijuana in their own way

– Each couldn’t stay on the field for their own reasons

– Each would make good candidates for reality TV in a decade

– I’m not sorry to see either of them go

Let me be clear…I don’t place blame on Monroe for the injuries or his inability to play, but the Ravens got much better value from Gaither.

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