Weddle’s Friend Big Ben Now an Enemy

Ravens Links Weddle’s Friend Big Ben Now an Enemy

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Weddle’s friend is now his enemy. Being a smart football fan in the summer is tough. Bill Simmons sucks. A bleak outlook for Ravens receivers. Perriman is just as excited as we are. Ben Grubbs’ career might be over.

Ben Roethlisberger wanted Steelers to sign Eric Weddle, now the ‘enemy’

The Steelers fan who wrote a letter to Eric Weddle wasn’t alone in wanting him to come to Pittsburgh. Roethlisberger says it would have been good for the Steelers to get Weddle. Well, Ben, you didn’t. Much to your chagrin and our joy here in Baltimore, he is, as you put it, your “enemy.” Jeremy Fowlers says Roethlisberger must now “make sure he’s not picked off by his buddy when they meet twice a year.” Good luck.

How to Be a Smart Football Fan in June

Remember how cool Grantland was? It was hard-hitting (i.e. detailed and thorough, not controversial) and insightful. With Bill Simmons’ new project, he’s lightened it up a bit. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this piece from Kevin Clark of The Ringer. He explains why you should pay attention to the actions of coaches instead of what they say. If you do that, you won’t be swayed by what comes pretty close to propaganda.

Bill Simmons Is Not “Cool and Edgy,” New York Times

I was always a fan of Grantland, but how could we as a self-respecting Ravens site possibly be a fan of Bill Simmons in general. Tom Ley of Deadspin beautifully explains why Bill Simmons isn’t, as Ley puts it, the “disrupter” that he thinks he is, and his actions at ESPN aren’t that of a guy who consistently pushes the envelope. Really, Simmons was just a petulant, unruly employee who received praise because no one likes an empire like ESPN.

Matt Elam: ‘This Is My Last Chance’

The guys over at do a great job of using their access to profile players, especially ones who are often forgotten. One of those players is Matt Elam. This really will be his last chance, and Ryan Mink he says he’s up for the challenge after supposedly starting to turn a corner last training camp. Time will tell.

Despite Offseason Optimism, History Suggests Bleak Outlook for Ravens WRs

Justis Mosqueda of Bleacher Report doesn’t think too highly of the Ravens’ receivers. He has some fair points, especially about Steve Smith coming back at age 37 after tearing his Achilles and the rapid drop-off of speed threats like Mike Wallace. He was a bit premature on counting Perriman out for the year, but we’ll let that one slide. But he fails to understand the valuation of restricted free agent tenders.

He says that because the Ravens didn’t offer Kamar Aiken a 1st-round tender at a cost of $3.6M, the Ravens don’t value Aiken as highly as players like Dwayne Harris who are receiving an equivalent amount of money. It seems like Mosqueda needs a quick lesson on incentives. No matter where the Ravens value Aiken, there is no incentive for them to give him a 1st-round tender. No one is going to give up a 2nd-round pick for a rental on a decent WR2. So why would the Ravens pay $1M a year more for him when no one is going to take Aiken from them?

Anyway, the whole thing is a pretty good read if you’re looking for an alternative viewpoint than the one Ryan Jones laid out yesterday.

Drafted by the Ravens in 2007, the same year as Marshal Yanda.

Perriman is even more excited than us about the news on his knee.

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